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Are you traveling on this vacation? You’ll love the new Google Maps feature!


Google Maps is constantly evolving and this new feature is the example of that. According to the information, Google Maps has added more functionality to public transport.

The new feature has only arrived in Bulgaria, but promises to reach more cities and users soon. Google’s map app already gave us information on the following public transports, however, the new update goes into detail.

When I went to London on visits I always suffered from public transport. When you are out of your city or country and without a car, you can not skimp on public transportation. Google Maps will make sure that this will not happen.

Google Maps Update gives you details of public transport

With the new update of Google Maps in Bulgaria, tourists in the city of Sofia can find out which buses, meters or even lane you have to catch. In addition, they also know what time the transport passes, how many stops it makes to the destination, how long it takes by the possible transit and still tells you the price of the ticket. Simply stunning.

Google Maps

In London the application was not so complete but it gave anyone the slightest orientation. However, when I had to go through Paris and I had to make some train journeys, Google Maps did not work so well. That is, with this feature there is nowhere to cheat. As soon as this possibility reaches more cities.

In addition, the latest features of the application also give the user the possibility to know which are the best restaurants near you, where they are charging stations of electric cars, or even events near you that the application knows that you will love.

In short, Google Maps is getting better and more and more indispensable in the smartphone. Although the cities of Portugal can still delay receiving this new update, I fully believe that the largest cities in Europe will have it soon. Perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Poorva Virmani
As Global Chief Creative Officer at TechGrits, Poorva helps team ambition to burnish the media's creativity product and reputation.

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