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Apple’s video streaming service is set to become “a Netflix killer.”


It is so far. For years, Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly suggested that Apple wants to enter the business of original series and movies – today is now the big announcement of a video streaming service follow. As the Wall Street Journal reported, Apple has apparently quite big plans with its content offer: The new TV app makes internally even as a “Netflix killer” the round – and should now cost money.

The big day has come. Today at 18 clock German time, the next chapter of a now 13-year odyssey is likely to be opened, which began in 2006 with the first set-top box Apple TV. Since the second Steve Jobs era, Apple has been obsessed with revolutionizing the television landscape, as it has revolutionized the music world with iTunes.

Alone: ​​In recent decades, the TV companies were too powerful and the advertising revenues of linear television far too abundant to get involved in a deal with Apple, at the end of the tech giant naturally sits on the longer lever.

WSJ: Apple wants to challenge Netflix

However, with the advent of the streaming age, the balance of power has changed significantly. “Netflix is ​​the dominant television company of the 21st century,” CNBC market commentator James Cramer had predicted years ago the triumphal march of the streaming pioneer, which actually became reality last year, when Netflix temporarily replaced Disney as the world’s most valuable media company.

After years of waiting, Apple is now embarking on entering the new playing field – and as always, when Apple enters a new playing field, it can only be about being the dominant player in the long term. The hypothesis supports the Wall Street Journal on Sunday in a last-minute report just before today’s keynote address.

“Apple wanted a service that could beat Netflix,” says one person familiar with the process from Apple’s long-standing streaming plans. Internally, the video service is already called “Netflix Killer”, according to Wall Street Journal information. In the meantime, it had even been discussed to buy Netflix or Disney, but the plans had been rejected.

Premium series channels such as HBO and Showtime can be booked for $ 9.99

Meanwhile, Apple seems to have found a way that the cult company from Cupertino will reveal today in his keynote, which was ambiguously titled “It’s show time”. As the WSJ reports, Apple should offer its video streaming service as a new or thoroughly redesigned TV app, which was rolled out in late 2016 in the US and currently in the content from iTunes purchased and borrowed series un movies and other streaming Providers like Amazon Prime.

In the future, Apple intends to additionally offer the content of premium serial channels such as HBO (AT & T), Showtime (CBS) and Starz (Lions Gate) in paid channels (channels) at a price of 9.99 each in its new TV app Dollars, as the WSJ reports.

WSJ: Apple’s video service costs

However, it seems unclear until the last minute whether Apple’s own original content offering at the start will also cost something – or offered free of charge to Apple customers. For months rumors circulated that the exclusive series and film content for owners of an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, on which the TV app is preinstalled, should be available free of charge.

In other words, like Amazon, with its free streaming service for Prime customers, Apple could deliver added value to existing customers. Or not: As the WSJ reports, Tim Cook and his management team have “made it clear that the next service will carry a price tag.”

Apple is already investing $ 2 billion in original content

How serious Apple apparently means with its content efforts, had made clear last weeka research note from the investment bank BTIG, which is the Apple 3.0 blog . According to analyst Richard Greenfield, Apple is said to have ramped up its annual self-equity investment to $ 2 billion – over the past few months, it has spent $ 1 billion.

Meanwhile, The New York Times has gained a deeper insight for which Apple spends the money. Five series are therefore already almost finished produced – including a series on the breakfast television, in which Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon Hollywood glamor of the highest category to bring Cupertino.

Five original content formats supposedly already almost completed

Also Steven Spielberg’s new edition of his “incredible stories” is allegedly nearing completion. By contrast, a mystery series called “Are you sleeping?” With Octavia Spencer has been shot since the end of last year.

The science fiction series “For All Mankind” by “Star Trek” producer Ronald D. Moore is also over, as is a comedy series by “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. Overall, Apple could launch more than ten own series or films by the end of the year, reports the NYT.

Video streaming service could start in April

For its own series and film efforts, Apple has meanwhile signed with Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg, who co-developed the successful series “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul”, two absolute top managers from Hollywood.

Last June, Apple also announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Oprah Winfrey, arguably the most well-known and successful TV talker in the world. This “unique, multi-year partnership” should also be self-produced for the streaming service. As the financial information service  CNBC reported in February , the launch of the new video streaming service could take place in April or May at the latest.

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