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Apple Watch Wants to Detect Panic Attacks Before They Happen


Apple is working on technology for its Apple Watch that will considerably improve the lives of many users. According to the latest information, Apple is working on a technology to prevent panic attacks in advance.

Apple’s smartwatch is much more than an information point for your notifications. Unlike other manufacturers of similar technology, Apple tries to continually improve the health and well-being of its users.

Prevent panic attacks with Apple Watch

Panic attack

EverythingApplePro staff said the company is working to measure blood pressure and blood oxygen so that it can prevent panic attacks.

The goal will be to warn your users that something is not quite right and start giving breathing exercises that will help you avoid that panic attack.

When will this feature arrive

Unfortunately we do not think that the functionality is ready for the next version of the Apple Watch, a version that may be announced this year. Research is still in its infancy, however, it is believed that the 2022 model can already offer us functionality.

Apple Watch is much more than a smartwatch

Apple Watch

We’ve heard information about how the Apple Watch saved the lives of people across the planet. However, it is one thing to read or hear about the situation and another to be in the first person.

A few months ago my girlfriend and I were sick (like the flu) when your Apple Watch tells you that your heart rate is out of the ordinary and that we should see a doctor. Well, so we did.

In the hospital, my girlfriend was on oxygen for a few hours because the flu was spreading more than was normal. One of the great aids was to show the heart rate of the last few days. After that moment, the Apple Watch is continuously on my wrist and on my girlfriend’s wrist.

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