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Apple resurrects the beloved MagSafe in the new iPhone 12


During the presentation of the iPhone 12, Apple announced the return of a feature that all MacBook users loved. MagSafe is back to the products of the American company, although with a slightly different essence than we knew.

It is worth remembering that the MagSafe present in MacBook allowed the use of a magnetic cable to charge the computer. The new incarnation of this feature on the iPhone 12 is aimed at wireless charging and some accessories.

Wireless charging on iPhone 12 will always work flawlessly

One of the main reasons that motivated Apple to revive MagSafe was the poor positioning of smartphones when placed on a wireless charging base. Well, the new magnets added to the back of the iPhone 12 make this setback a thing of the past.

Your new iPhone will always be perfectly positioned with the charging coils on its base. To this end, Apple has also launched two wireless charging bases to take advantage of the renewed MagSafe, with the promise that third parties will also launch their alternatives.

First of all, we have the MagSafe charger designed to wirelessly charge your new iPhone 12. Additionally, Apple also launched the MagSafe Duo charger designed to simultaneously charge an iPhone and an Apple Watch.

Apple MagSafe Duo

The first model will be in pre-sale, on the official website of Apple in the UK, from October 16 for a price of 45 €. Its arrival on the market is scheduled for October 23. Regarding the MagSafe Duo, there are no further details.

MagSafe on iPhone 12 stands for new accessories

With this novelty, Apple has also introduced a new panoply of accessories for the iPhone 12 that will take advantage of the magnets present in the equipment. We have new covers and a mini wallet that you can attach to the back of your device.

MagSafe cases for the iPhone 12 are available in a wide range of colors for a price of € 55. The portfolio with the same philosophy will cost 65 € per unit.

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