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Apple Releases New iPad Mini And iPad Air In 40 Months


Apple unveiled its new iPad Mini and iPad Air on Wednesday (April 18). The iPad Mini is a 5th generation mini tablet that will be available in 40 months, and iPad Air is the third generation.

These products feature the same A12 bionic chip set as last year’s iPhone XS.XR, which has significantly improved performance over previous versions. Apple has said that the graphics performance is two times faster than air and the mini is 9 times faster. They also support Apple pencils.

The iPad Mini is 7.9 inches in size and is easy to carry and adds Apple pencil support. The iPad Air is the same design and size as the iPad Pro 10.5 inches.

However, Apple suddenly released the iPad in the industry, the industry has reduced revenue due to Apple’s iPhone sales, the tablet market has been aggressively trying to expand the customer’s interpretation, he said.

According to market researcher IDC, the global tablet market has stopped growing for three years since 2016. In the third quarter of last year, shipment volume also decreased to 3.5 million units, about 9% from 2017. Sales of the iPad have been decreasing since 2016.

In this environment, Apple is expected to expand its market by using the relatively inexpensive and high-performance iPad Mini. The iPad Mini is easy to use with one hand, so the tablet is actively targeting it by strengthening its characteristics that emphasize portability.

It is estimated that Apple has lowered its production costs by launching the iPad Mini this time. Looking at the price of the product, the iPad mini 64GB WiFi product is 499,000 won and iPad Air WiFi product is 629,000 won. The iPad Mini is about 70,000 won more expensive than the current iPad, but it has improved performance and storage space.

The new iPad can be ordered from the US, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong, but the domestic launch is not yet available.

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