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Apple presents WatchOS 6!


In the context of WWDC, Apple has just announced the arrival of the App Store to Apple Watch. But we will not stop here. More news has been announced with the arrival of watchOS 6 more towards the end of this year.

The main news of watchOS 6

  • App Store standalone
  • Independent applications
  • New watch faces
  • New applications such as calculator, voice recorder and audiobooks
  • Mediation of noisy environments
  • Monitoring of menstrual cycles

Installing applications on Apple Watch can now be done right on your wrist

From now on you can search for apps for your Apple Watch directly on your watch. Once you find one that pleases you, you can pay it directly on your wrist – if it’s a paid app – and proceed with its installation. Installing software updates for Watch may also be done directly on your wrist.

App Store Apple Watch
App Store on Apple Watch

New applications and dials arrive with watchOS 6

With the new version of the watchOS operating system, a new range of applications arrives. Simple applications like a calculator, a voice recorder and audiobooks are now coming to Apple Watch.

Another new feature on the new watchOS 6 is the ability to run independently. That is, from now on, apps for Apple Watch will be installed directly on the watch. There is no need to have a companion app installed on the iPhone.

Another new thing has to do with new dials or watch faces for your Apple Watch. The American has added new options to change the look of your watch. In some of them you can even add additional information that you find pertinent.

Health continues to be one of Apple Watch’s priorities

The Apple watch is already a reference in regards to health, but the brand goes even further. That being said, we now have new health features for Apple Watch.

Monitoring menstrual cycles on Apple Watch

We have, for example, the possibility of measuring how noisy the environment in which we are. Specially thought of in the female audience, we now have the ability to monitor your menstrual cycle, with the possibility of receiving notification when you are in your fertile state. The latter will also come to the iPhone, independently.

watchOS 6 will be available in the fall

The new version of this operating system will be made available to the general public this fall. In the meantime, developers will have access to it later this week.

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