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Apple Prepares to make Big change in MacBook


It will be already in 2021 that Apple will start betting on processors with ARM architecture on its MacBook. However, it should all start with the return of a 12-inch model.

The forecasts are from Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who has often been accurate in Apple matters in the past. However, it does not specify models or what will be the order between launches.

This means that, although Apple can bet on a 12-inch MacBook with an ARM architecture processor, it is not certain that there will be a progression towards the more powerful models.

iPhone processors have ARM architecture

Using a processor with this architecture, it would give access to the entire ecosystem that is already available from the Appe Store. This is because the processors that equip the iPhone have this architecture. The idea of ​​debuting ARM with a model of this kind will give Apple an assessment of its success in terms of sales.

Whether in the future we will have Apple betting only on its processors on computers is still unknown. But this would allow the company to reduce costs significantly.

A drop in production costs and a possible bet on an ARM processor on the MacBook Air could return a model below 1000 €. And this is something that had everything to be a tremendous success.

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