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Apple prepares a mouse that will adapt to your hand!


Apple’s Magic Mouse is one of my favorite mice. As much as I am far from the most customizable mouse on the market, I learned to like it and it is difficult to change.

However, there are people who prefer larger mice. In order to place the hand more comfortably and with a more ergonomic design. Well, it seems, that’s what Apple is working on.

Apple patent that reveals the new Magic Mouse

Apple prepares a mouse that will adapt to your hand!

The Apple patent revealed that Apple is working on a mouse that fits your hand. That is, you can change shape depending on how you like the mouse to touch the palm of your hand.

We do not know, however, how these formats will be active. Whether automatically or manually. We only know that the mouse can be as thin – as the current models – or a little taller to give us more comfort.

A small screen on the mouse

The patent also states that the mouse will have a small screen at the top. This screen is expected to only show information essential for pairing. Not least because we see no reason for a mouse to have a constantly active screen.

The biggest problem with Magic Mouse is the way of loading

Unfortunately, the patent does not reveal how the mouse will be loaded. Especially because the biggest problem of these mice at the moment is the way of loading.

To charge the Magic Mouse you need to turn it “upside-down” and not use it for a period of time. Something that was seriously criticized when it was released.

Apple prepares a mouse that will adapt to your hand!

Wireless charging is an option. Apple is getting more and more on wireless charging, however, the company still does not launch a charger made by them. That is, to charge iPhones with this technology, you must use a third-party charger. This may change soon.

In short, we must also realize that a patent does not confirm that the next product will be like this. It just tells us that there was a development and research work that was worth patenting in order to ensure that investment. Although many of the manufacturers’ patents come with products sooner or later.

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