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Apple patent reveals a privacy filter on the screen!


Currently, the only way to avoid looking at your phone screen in public is with a glass cover or film with a privacy filter. However, Apple wants this to be a native feature on mobile phones, according to its most recent patents.

The apple company recently filed a patent with US offices for mobile phones, tablets, and computer screens. The technology of the patent is called ” encryption for screen dependent on the look “. Essentially, screens with this technology detect which part of the screen you are looking at.

Apple privacy patent

The parts of the screen not detected by the user’s eyes are obscured and invisible to prying eyes. In this way, someone who is looking over the shoulder of a user on a mobile phone, tablet or computer, will not be able to see the contents of the screen.

Would not be the first company to implement privacy filters

BlackBerry recently implemented a feature called Privacy Shade on its devices. It also offers a privacy filter on mobile phones, only not as practical as Apple’s proposal. Privacy Shade requires the user to swipe the areas they want to read.

Additionally, Privacy Shade darkens the rest of the screen, attracting even more attention and unwanted looks. The Apple patent keeps the screen layout intact, hiding only sensitive information such as text and images.

In any case, this may just be an Apple patent that does not materialize in commercial applications. Apple this week patented a pair of augmented reality glasses, the alleged Apple Glasses.

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