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Apple Music is Now Available in a Desktop Version!


In September 2019, Apple released Apple Music in beta for browsers. The platform is now officially available. It is important to note that this novelty applies to Windows 10, as MacOS already has an app dedicated to music.

As such, iPad and iPhone users running Windows 10 can enjoy the Apple Music experience through their devices. With accounts synchronized, Apple Music allows you to control playback on different devices, just like Spotify.


As expected on Apple platforms, the design of the Apple Music web version is the same as that found on the Mac, iPhone and iPad. We have the recommendations, exploration and radio separators.

Apple wants to “get rid” of iTunes on Windows 10

With this new thing, one thing becomes obvious: Windows 10 users no longer need iTunes. Previously, to manage music from an iPhone or iPad, you would need iTunes, which in recent years has become infamous for its slowness.

This is just another way for Apple to start replacing iTunes with Apple Music, beginning the process of unifying platforms, phasing out older ones. Like Google, we can start to have an “Apple Cemetery”.

Google is doing the same with Play Music

Although not exactly the same situation, Google is also replacing your Play Music with YouTube Music. In the past few months, we’ve seen Google add features to YouTube Music like lyrics, an internal offline library and many more. This is an effort to put Play Music out of step, which should be discontinued soon.

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