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Apple is Designing an iOS to Use Underwater!

apple-iphone-7-under water

The iPhone, like many other smartphones, can take a dip. This type of gadget is perfect for filming or taking a photo on a summer vacation. Or even for those who have the smartphone wing always falling into the water.

However, using your phone underwater is not easy. If you’ve tried, you know that the screen doesn’t work as well and that the User Interface – which is perfect for everyday life – is seriously complex underwater.

The Patent reveals that Apple is working on an iOS to use underwater

Apple iOS patent

The new patent reveals that Apple is preparing a User Interface only and only underwater. The patent is that the iPhone detects as soon as the terminal enters the water and automatically activates the new User Interface.

Apple iPhone iOS under water

The interface would be unattractive and much simpler. Instead of swipes and small click locations, buttons would be large and multiple clicks would be the most viable option.

When will we have such a User Interface

Remember that a patent is just that. Nothing guarantees us that Apple will integrate the technology in its smartphones. However, it gives us the certainty that the company worked on a technology that was worth patenting. In other words, this is a problem that Apple has already solved in its patent, however, which remains a problem for users.

The WWDC is expected to be held in June, albeit unhurriedly. It is at this Apple developer conference that we hear more about operating systems. So, if this technology arrives this year, WWDC is the perfect place for its official presentation. We’ll see!

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