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Apple Introduces iOS 13! Dark Mode, keyboard with new functionality and more


As might be expected, the focus of attention during the start of WWDC 2019 was the presentation of the much anticipated iOS 13. There have been many rumors and leaks over the last few weeks, and many of the information has even been confirmed.

Many new features have been implemented in this new version of Apple’s operating system. However, not all of them seem to have what it takes to meet the needs of users.

Apple iOS 13 Dark Mode

Dark Mode will leave users wanting for more

As in the Android world, iOS users were also eager to receive support for Dark Mode. The implementation was done natively, and will completely change the color palette of all Apple applications. For third-party applications, developers will have the option to integrate or not support for this new mode.

Despite changing the white background of the iOS 13 interface, Dark Mode turns out not to be truly black. The big goal in this way is to give valuable rest to the eyes of users, but users who have an iPhone with OLED screen will probably get disillusioned. In this type of screen, the true “Dark Mode” can present a significant saving of battery.

Even faster operating system

This is a recurring “novelty” with each passing year. With the arrival of a new version of iOS, also comes the announcement that it is even faster. This time, a Face Unlock is promised 30% faster and applications will be opened twice as fast.

You’ll also notice differences in the size of Apps update packages, which will be up to 60% smaller, saving time, mobile data, and space on your smartphone.

Apple iOS 13 keyboard swipe

The ‘swipe’ has finally arrived on the iOS keyboard

The standard iOS keyboard has always been accurate and with some cool features. Still, it has always been limited when compared to offers for Android smartphones. This difference was even more visible after SwiftKey became available for iOS,

Now with the arrival of iOS 13 users will finally be able to use the popular swipe functionality. This new feature allows the user to write their messages simply by sliding their finger on the keyboard. It may take some time for you to get used to it, but it will be extremely useful when you can only use one hand to write.

‘Enter with Apple’ is a feature that will make Android users jealous

IOS 13 also has a major focus on improving privacy features. One that gained prominence was Sign in with Apple (or ‘Enter with Apple’). This feature allows the user to login or register in the different applications / services without having to use their personal data.

Apple will create and send a random ID to the application, also creating a password. For applications that request an email account, the user will be able to choose between giving their own email, or using one created by Apple. This feature is also compatible with FaceID and TouchID, making the entire user experience much simpler and faster.

Apple iOS 13 Photos

Photos will finally present itself as a tool that you should use

You will finally be able to see new features coming to the Photos application, allowing you to present yourself as a good alternative to Google Photos. Still, I do not think I can get to the same level as Google’s offer. The new version will use machine learning algorithms to organize and filter the photos you have on your iPhone.

For example, you’ll no longer see duplicate content, or document photographs, screenshots, and receipts as you browse your photo gallery. An interesting new feature is the ‘for years’ view, which works somewhat in the image of a popular feature present on Facebook. If you’re seeing photos of your birthday, you’ll also see pictures of your previous birthdays.

Apple iOS 13 memos

Siri will finally become more ‘human’

With the great evolution of Google Assistant and also of Alexa, it is impossible not to point out that Siri seems to have stayed a bit behind in this ‘race’. That distance is now shorter, as Apple’s virtual assistant has gained a new, more ‘natural’ voice, quite similar to that of Google Assistant.

In addition, it was also much smarter. When you are using AirPods, you will be able to read text messages aloud automatically, and you can also respond immediately with voice commands. Another novelty is the support for more than 100 thousand radio stations from all over the world.

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