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Apple increases mobile data download limit on iOS to 200MB


Apple has increased the mobile data limit an appcan have when downloading. Go from the previous 150MB to 200MB, this is now the maximum size that an app can have, if you want to download this and have WiFi around.

If you do not know, there was a limit of 150MB per application since September 2017 iOS. This now moves to 200MB, which may vary slightly upwards, since certain applications may weigh more, but compress at the time of download.

apple app store 200mb

Download Facebook on iOS via WiFi only

This is an improvement that many will be grateful for, but will continue to limit users if they need a certain app and do not have immediate access to WiFi. To get an idea, Facebook is around 260MB, and there are games where your weight reaches gigabytes .

Do you have an unlimited mobile data plan? If you want to download a larger app, you’ll always have to wait for WiFi to do so. This is at least limiting for the user.

One of the reasons this happens is because carriers do not want customers to “saturate” their network. But the reality is that not only would it be something sporadic, as it is something we may need at any time. And if you’re in trouble and need an app, pray that it weighs no more than 200MB.

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