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Apple iMessage will “copy” WhatsApp features


Rumors are already emerging about the upcoming iOS 14, which will be presented by Apple this year. One of the possible new features is in iMessage, the standard iOS messaging app. It will have a function found on platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger: delete messages sent.

Previously, it was always possible to delete messages sent in the sense that the user no longer sees them, but not who received them. With this new function, as long as the person does not go in time to read, the message can be deleted, no longer available to either party.

This is a useful function for when we get the message wrong or send something embarrassing. In this way, this functionality can be included from scratch in the next update of the operating system for iPhones and iPads, IOS 14.


iMessage can copy yet another feature of the most used platforms

In addition to eliminating messages sent to both participants in a conversation, iMessage can adopt a feature found in WhatsApp, Messenger and even Slack. It is the possibility of mentioning or identifying contacts using the “@” symbol.

This way, when used, the “@” will open a list of suggested contacts and allow the user to identify the person in the conversation. Again, this is a very useful feature, used mostly in group conversations, where it is necessary to identify someone specific.

There is no doubt that Apple will have a major focus on iMessage, when the release of iOS 14. These changes are certainly very welcome, placing iMessage on a level closer to the most famous communication apps.

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