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Apple claims to only remove apps that compromise our privacy

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Yesterday we introduced you to a report that maintained that Apple would be repressing several applications competing with its Screen Time. Shortly thereafter, we have a top executive of the American company to give their version of the events.

It was in response to a MacRumors reader’s email that Phil Schiller gave his version of the facts. According to him, Apple is merely removing applications that compromise our privacy.

Phil Schiller

Concerned are applications that are abusing an iPhone management system. This system aims to monitor the activity of the youngest so that their parents know exactly what their children are doing with the smartphone.

Parental control system will be the basis of all this problem

In fact, applications that have been removed from the App Store are those that are unduly exploiting this monitoring system. The timing of this measure is, however, little abounding for the alleged good intentions of the Cupertino company.

Still, Schiller continues to encourage programmers to develop their parental control applications. However, they have to bear in mind that they will not be able to enjoy this monitoring system that Apple has in their equipment.

However, performing an application based on these templates may make it insignificant. Due to the “sandbox” in which the iOS application runs, it is then impossible for the application A to access the application data B.


In order for such a scenario to be achieved, Apple would have to give developers a new API that would allow them to access data from other applications. So far, the Cupertino company has not yet announced any functionality that provides such access.

The removal of at least 11 applications from the App Store is the origin of this whole theme

New York Times report states that at least 11 applications competing with Screen Time have been removed from the App Store or limited in their operability. These competed directly with the functionality of iOS 12, raising the question of the extent to which Apple would be willing to have direct competition from them.

Such a scenario has even led to a complaint to the European Union for alleged breach of competition law. Apple, of course, refutes any truth in these facts, now it remains to know what will be the verdict of this European body against the actions of the American company.

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