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Apple claims to make money with only 0.68% of Spotify users


Apple and Spotify have spent several months living a silent war that sometimes is not so much, as now that new information has been leaked. This battle comes because of a complaint lodged by Spotify before the European Commission accusing Cupertino of carrying out monopolistic practices in reference to the fees charged to the apps that offer purchases within them. Then we tell you the latest information known about the subject.

Apple shows figures to defend against Spotify

There is a regulation within the Apple App Store that establishes a commission of 30% of those in-app purchases made by users. To understand it, just look at this case of Spotify, and that is that each user who subscribes to the service through the app available to the company on iOS, Apple enters 30% of it. That is, in a subscription of € 9.99 Spotify would enter € 7.68 leaving € 2.31 for Apple.

Spotify vs Apple Music
Spotify and Apple Music, two excellent alternatives to listen to music online

To the streaming music company in addition to seeming an abusive commission of 30% commission, it also seemed inappropriate that Apple Music did not count with this fee. Obviously this is somewhat absurd and is that it is understandable that Apple Music is direct competition from Spotify, not in vain this exceeds them in subscribers from countries like the United States, however it would be rather strange that Apple obtained a commission from an application they have developed themselves.

As reported by the German media Spiegel , Apple would have defended before the European Union showing data and figures among which Spotify has approximately 100 million subscribers who are paying for the service. Of this figure Apple claims to have won money with 680 thousand users , this is a really low figure if we take into account that it would represent 0.68% of the total users.

Putting the figures in perspective we see that really the commissions that Apple charges to Spotify are not assuming a scandalous loss for this company. Nor is it that from Cupertino want to have a crusade against their competitors in the field of streaming music, but these commissions of 30% are charged to all those in-app purchases that have to do with digital services.

We are still waiting for the European Commission to rule on this case and issue a judgment in favor of one or the other company. What seems clear is that both companies seem to be at odds and whatever the outcome is likely to be the one that loses present allegations.

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