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Apple Celebrates 44 Years of History in the Technology Industry

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On April 1, 1976, the Apple Computer Company was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. In this way, the apple company celebrates 44 years of existence today, with several iconic products in its long way in the industry.

Curiosity: Ronald Wayne wanted to “jump off the boat” days later, earning $ 800 for his share of the company. The engineer later joined Atari, participating in the video game revolution.

Apple I: the personal computer revolution


In June 1976, Apple launched its first product: the Apple I personal computer. This was considered one of the first personal computers to be assembled and sold. The computer itself resembles a motherboard, it was only necessary to join the monitor and keyboard.

This piece of technological history sold for $ 666, with 200 units originally manufactured. In 1977, the Apple II was launched, which already had graphics and sound capabilities.

Curiosity: decades later, Apple continues the legacy with Macbooks, iMacs and Mac desktops, being the only company in the era of 8-bit computing that still makes computers.

iPod: The Ultimate Device for Listening to Music


Launched in October 2001, the iPod has changed the way users consume music. The digital age of audio files was already well implemented with MP3 and MP4 devices. However, with the iPod, Apple came to unify the whole experience, until iPods became real iPhones, except the ability to make calls.

The first iPod was launched with a capacity of 5GB or 10GB and the famous mechanical “scroll wheel”. Its starting price was $ 299. Eventually, more versions were released such as the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Touch, whose most recent version dates back to 2019.

Curiosity: the name “iPod” was originally registered for service kiosks but Apple chose to use that name for the device.

iPhone released standards for smartphones

Although it was not the first, the iPhone was the first smartphone to cement several industry standards that we have today. From the touch screen, the virtual keyboard to the “pinch” gestures to enlarge photos or maps, the iPhone was a real revolution.

It is impossible not to mention Steve Jobs’ mythical presentation in 2007. In a presentation full of charisma and entertainment, the company’s CEO at the time presented the iPhone, a device that combined the functions of mobile phones, communications and internet browsing in a way never before seen.

The ecosystem prevails, decades later

There are other iconic devices created by Apple such as the iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and the rest of the personal computer line. However, the apple company’s biggest asset comes down to its powerful ecosystem.

The feature that draws consumers to Apple the most is the integration that all of their devices have between them. Do you have an iPhone? Can you buy an iPad and have access to all the information on both devices? Did you buy an Apple Watch or AirPods? In less than 1 minute you can pair them with your iPhone.


The iOS operating system, coined as iPadOS on iPads, continues to be improved. On iPads, the experience is becoming more and more like a computer, with improved multi-tasking functions and more powerful hardware, in the case of iPad Pro.

There is no doubt that Apple exaggerates in some aspects, namely in the price, where it is more criticized. In fact, the price of your accessories like cables and chargers becomes absurd at times. In any case, Apple has a place in history as one of the most iconic and recognizable technology companies.

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