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Apple cancels event in which it should present the iPhone 9


The Coronavirus outbreak has influenced the lives of many people around the world and large technology companies are not immune to this scenario. The latest victim is Apple and its usual spring event.

According to Jon Prosser, from the Front Page Tech channel, the Apple event that was supposed to take place later this month has been canceled. The reason for this is the Coronavirus epidemic that has affected the globe in recent months.

Since Apple has never confirmed the existence of this event, it is unlikely that the company will admit its cancellation. After all, if the public was unaware of its existence, there is nothing to be canceled.

iPhone 9

iPhone 9 would be the big star of this event

Although Apple never admitted it publicly, everyone knew that Apple had planned an event for this month. The iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 would be its biggest attraction, but it was also expected to present a new iPad Pro.

Everything indicates that Apple canceled this event. There is nothing about postponements or online conferences. For all intents and purposes, the American company’s next event will only be in June, when the usual annual WWDC conference is held.

Please note that rumors maintain that this event for programmers will also be affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. Apparently, Apple is studying how to conduct WWDC without having to gather a large number of people in the same room.

That said, June now appears as the likely date for the presentation of the iPhone 9. This if Apple wants to present the equipment with pomp and circumstance. The company always has the possibility to launch this smartphone only with a press release.

Presentation of the iPhone 12 may also be delayed

We still have a long way to go to September, but rumors are already circulating that this big event dedicated to the iPhone could be postponed. This is because the production lines in China are stopped and this will have repercussions on the construction of the next tops of the range of Apple.

Even if this event is not postponed, it would not be surprising that the launch of the iPhone 12 to the market could happen later. I recall that the iPhone X was introduced in September 2017, but only hit the market in November.

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