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Apple Buys a Weather App and Closes it on Android!


The Dark Sky weather app was purchased by Apple, which would not normally have a big impact on app stores. However, the application will be closed for Android and Wear OS, the operating system for smartwatches. The app will be removed from the Google Play Store soon.

The Dark Sky app will continue to function normally for users who have already installed it. However, as of July 1, the app will no longer work on Android completely. Subscribers who have paid for the Premium version will be refunded. Therefore, only iOS users will be able to enjoy the app.

The information was advanced on the app’s own blog. The application was created by independent developers and enjoyed moderate success on the Google Play Store. The blog will also stop working, remaining the only app on the App Store.


Dark Sky is considered one of the best apps of its kind for iOS

Dark Sky has existed on iOS for longer than Android and has extremely positive ratings, being considered one of the best for iOS weather. Its own interface is very inspired by iOS, being easy and intuitive in navigation.

The app offers weather information by the minute and allows you to configure multiple time zones. The app entered the Google Play Store in 2016 but according to these new measures, it will disappear from the Android universe forever.

Alternatives to Dark Sky for Android

If you are a Dark Sky user on Android or want recommendations from weather apps, here are some suggestions:

AccuWeather is one of the oldest and most famous apps on the Google Play Store. Although it contains some ads, it offers information by the minute and in different locations. It is simply one of the best options available.

TodayWeather is an app with a more minimalist design that should appeal to the most basic users. The focus of this app, in addition to the results of time, is a simple and very attractive interface, something inspired by iOS.

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