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Apple and Facebook clash over user privacy

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Which of Apple or Facebook best protects your privacy? The two giants have entered a battle, one accusing the other of wanting to collect as much personal data as possible from its users and to profit from it.

Apple’s recent decision to force developers to enforce privacy compliance with their apps is not viewed positively by Facebook. The social media giant believes that this is hypocrisy on Apple’s part, aimed at maintaining a monopoly.

Apple’s task

During the last WWDC, Apple announced that it wanted to provide more clarity on the nature of the data collected by applications published within its App Store. The company then asked developers to identify very clearly how their applications worked by listing around thirty types of information that could potentially be transferred to an editor.

Initially, Apple wanted to put this device in place before the end of the year, but the company has warned developers that it will give them additional time to bring their applications into compliance with these new rules.

In a letter informing various associations protecting the interests of Internet users, Jane Horvath, director of security at Apple, does not hesitate to tackle Facebook:

Facebook management has made it clear that it intends to collect as much data as possible from its own or third-party products in order to monetize user profile details. And this disrespect for privacy continues to extend to other of its products ”.

On the App Store side, following the brand’s requests, users will not only have to give their agreements for the collection of data but will also be able to deactivate any form of tracking from the applications.

Facebook’s response

Faced with these new rules, in August, Facebook warned its partners that the means to track users would be more limited and, as a result, less targeted advertisements. For the company, this naturally translates into lost profits.

Facebook wanted to react to this situation by accusing the Cupertino company of maintaining a form of hypocrisy concerning user data. In comments reported by TheWrap, a Facebook spokesperson explains that Apple is thus entering the advertising market. This decision for iOS 14 would then not be motivated by the desire to strengthen privacy but by a purely commercial purpose.

[Apple] uses its dominant position in the market to treat data in a privileged way, making it almost impossible for the competition to use it. They say it’s for privacy, but it’s about profit”.

In fact, despite a marketing discourse articulated around private life, certain elements leave room for thought. First, it should be remembered that Apple is currently on trial. The complainant Max Schrems explains that all iPhones have a unique IDFA – Identifier for Advertisers, a practice prohibited by European laws.

With this identifier, advertisers could very clearly follow their advertising campaigns and target users of the Apple brand as a priority. This would allow Apple, in particular, to identify users through applications and even to link online and mobile behavior (“cross-device tracking”).

In addition, for some time, several rumors have speculated on an upcoming search engine signed by Apple.

Source: Cnet US

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