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Android TV will have another surprise for you!

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Over the last few months we have seen Android TV gain more and more popularity, becoming the system of choice for many popular manufacturers of Smart TVs. However, Google maintains a long ‘battle’ with Amazon and its streaming service, Prime Video.

However, it seems that both giants have finally realized that they have a lot more to gain ‘hand in hand’ than to create meaningless battles. Therefore, both announced that all of their products would begin to offer official support for the video services of both companies.

Over the next few months we should see the Prime Video application officially arrive on Android TV. This is certainly a novelty that can have considerable effects on the number of active users in the Amazon streaming service. Especially considering that the App will also start to support Google Chromecast natively.

Amazon Fire TV returns to receive YouTube with open arms

But the news comes from both sides. Also Google has given the ‘arm to cheer’, allowing Amazon’s Fire TV is once again receiving support for YouTube. For a long time, users of Amazon devices had access to the official YouTube application. However, after this battle has begun, the support has been removed and the application has simply disappeared.

Even though it was possible to install YouTube on Fire TV devices (unofficially), the usage experience was never able to reach the desired level. Also, it has always been very complicated to take advantage of the latest features. As you’d expect, the YouTube Kids app will also come to Amazon devices.

Amazon Prime Video Android TV

These were not the only problems that arose between the two companies. There was also a lot of controversy, involving the fact that Amazon refuses to sell products from Google. For example, a quick search for “Google Home” in the Amazon store presents a list of offers for Echo rivals.

There is no information on a possible arrival of gadgets from Google to Amazon, but it is possible that this will happen during the next months.

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