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Android Q will bring improvements in internet connections


Over the several months that Android Q is already available in beta, and many new features are created thinking of improving its user experience. Now with the arrival of Android Q Beta 4, has introduced a new feature that will allow you to more effectively manage internet connections.

More specifically, it will be able to automatically put certain Wi-Fi networks into a kind of blacklist. Whenever the user manually disconnects from a Wi-Fi network, it is automatically blacklisted for a period of 24 hours.

Can get rid of major frustrations and possible unnecessary costs

This is one of those features that will only give value when we find ourselves in a specific situation. For example, when you’re in the mall and the Wi-Fi network is completely clogged and you can not do anything on your smartphone. Even if you disconnect from the network, your smartphone will always try to connect again … and again …

You can always select to ‘Forget the Network’, but the most natural and practical action is to deactivate the Wi-Fi of your smartphone. You’ll often forget to turn Wi-Fi on again, and when you get home you’ll see Netflix shows / movies or just play your favorite Playlist on Spotify.

Depending on the length of time you have Wi-Fi off, you may be surprised at an astronomical account because you have exceeded the mobile data threshold. Or, simply run out of internet access for having exhausted your ceiling.

Android Q internet

Easy access to settings within Apps

There is also a new feature that can greatly increase productivity with the arrival of Android Q. A new API ( Application Programming Interface ) has revealed the introduction of new definition panels within applications.

These new dashboards will be presented within applications to allow users to change various smartphone settings without having to leave Apps.

For example, when you try to access Google Chrome and have your phone in ‘Airplane Mode’. Instead of being gifted with an error message, it would open the Wi-Fi dashboard, data network and turn on / off the ‘Airplane Mode’.

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