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Android Q: know the news of the operating system of Google


Google I / O has already kicked off in Mountain View. In addition to the expected Dark Mode, Google has announced Live Caption, Smart Reply and new ways to improve your privacy and slow down device dependence.

The presentation began with the importance that Google will give in its next version to integration with the folding. The operating system will be increasingly suitable for these. And activities like playing will be more comfortable, as the game will move from one screen to the other instantly.

Live Caption: The Quality of Life You Need to Watch Videos

Surely you’ve been to a public place without headphones , or even a lot of noise. Or even in a more boring meeting and wanted to watch a video without sound. Live Caption brings subtitles to you in a video that was not subtitled.

Suppose they send you a video. You’re in a meeting, and you can not see it with sound. With Live Caption, the video is automatically captioned, and you can watch it without disturbing anyone, and without getting embarrassed. In the demonstration, the functionality was executed in airplane mode.

smart reply google

Smart Reply: The intelligent answer that makes your life easier

Surely you have already received that message that will always carry a typical response. With Smart Reply, the answer is composed by your device and with a click, it is sent directly from the notifications window. If you just want to send a simple emoji , that’s what you’ll do.

The Dark Mode comes finally

This was more than expected functionality. From Q, Dark Theme will be within easy reach of the quick settings. In addition, if you activate a battery saving mode, it will also be automatically activated.

This will be inherent to the entire operating system. When we have images there will be more certainties, but it seems that this mode will apply to any application, whether developed by Google or not.

google privacy

Privacy control will be greater

One of the hot topics could not be privacy. This will play a very important role in Android Q, as Google claims that it has 50 new security and privacy settings to explore.

The one that was highlighted was the location control. You’ll be able to limit location sharing with an app only when you’re using it. In addition, the system will send you notifications if an application is using the location without being open.

Focus on what’s important: use Focus Mode

Focus Mode will allow you to select the applications that distract you. Imagine that you need to study, but you do not want to be out of the world. Turn off notifications from your email or social networks, but you’ll still be notified if you receive a call.

You control what you want to be active, so you’ll be able to focus on what matters. In addition, functionality will come in the fall not only to devices with Android Q, but also to all those who rely on Android Pie

google parental control

Parental controls will be more complete

You bought a smartphone for your son, but you want him not to abuse you? Android Q will give you a lot of help in that regard. You’ll be able to approve installed apps, set usage limits, and even an hour to sleep.

If by chance you want without a good one and give “just another five minutes”, you will also be able to do it through the “bonus” function. The idea is that the user experience is more productive, but controlled to prevent misuse.

android q brands

As for release dates, Google has not yet been specific. Thinking of previous years, summer is the most suitable for that to happen. For now, if yours is one of the 21 selected devices, you can already try Android Beta Q.

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