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Android 11: new feature will make you never miss a notification


The second test version of Android 11 is now available and more news about this version of the operating system begins to appear. This time, Google decided to make a notification history available to everyone.

This novelty can be accessed at the bottom of the notification bar. The “Notification settings” will be replaced by “History” which, as the name implies, will be the place where you will be able to see all your notifications.

Notification history will show everything you received during the day

Have you ever been wrong and dismissed a notification by mistake? This scenario can be frustrating in some cases or generate some headaches for important information.

With the notification history now introduced, this will no longer be an issue. Even the notifications you have dismissed will be shown with this option.

Notification history
Credits: 9to5 Google

Here you can see all the notifications you received during the day, regardless of how long ago she arrived. Those you dismissed last will be the first to appear in this cluster.

The less positive part of this feature is that only the notification will be shown and what time it was received. That is, the history will not serve as a shortcut to the application in question.

This is a point that Google should take into account for future versions of Android. It will certainly not be difficult to add a shortcut to the notification and it is something that would be much appreciated by users.

Functionality will be an option

If this record is something you don’t consider essential, there is no problem. With a simple click, you can disable this option on your smartphone. In this case, all notifications you have received will be deleted from the device’s memory.

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