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Android 11: Google’s response to Apple’s popular AirDrop confirmed!

The EU has opened a huge fine, and Google’s monopoly was fined 1.5 billion euros.
The EU has opened a huge fine, and Google’s monopoly was fined 1.5 billion euros.

Since last year, several rumors have circulated that point to the launch of a feature by Google, very similar to the Apple AirDrop. This feature, called Fast Share, will allow for quick file sharing between nearby devices.

However, until now all the information was nothing more than rumors and speculation. For the first time, references to Fast Share were found in the new Developer Preview 2 of Android 11, confirming that the functionality will arrive with the new version of the operating system.

Android 11 Fast Share bug

Fast Share is one of the most desired features on Android

For some time, Google’s operating system offered Android Beam functionality, but it had many limitations and was not exactly practical since it used NFC technology.

Especially with the great popularity of Apple’s AirDrop, Android smartphone users have long wanted to have similar functionality available. I recall that some Chinese manufacturers have already launched a similar service, but that it will not be available for all Android smartphones.

Although details on the way it will work have not been revealed, it was confirmed that Fast Share will be implemented on Android 11. In one of the bug reports, it is possible to see the reference to the new functionality, revealing that it is currently presenting reception errors. even when the transfer is successful.

Android 11 Fast Share interface

New functionality may not be exclusive to Android 11

No information has yet been officially confirmed, but several rumors indicate that this new implementation may not be exclusive to Android 11. That is, shortly after being officially launched, it may also come to older versions of Android through an update.

This possible strategy on the part of Google makes perfect sense, thus managing to maximize the reach of Fast Share, immediately gaining millions of active users.

I remind you that this feature uses Bluetooth connection to initiate the connection process between devices, then transferring files over Wi-Fi.

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