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Amazon CEO wants to take astronauts to the moon in 2024


The world’s richest man Thursday presented the Blue Moon space probe. This is still just a module, but Jeff Bezos believes it is the beginning of man’s possible return to the moon in 2024.

The founder of Amazon and Blue Origin presented the project that is not yet a complete spacecraft. This will be able to carry large weights into space, relying on the help of the also featured BE-7 engine – which will only be tested this summer.

The project has been working for the last three years, and has now been made public at the Washington Convention Center. In the audience were investors and also representatives of NASA.

The desire to return to the moon within five years was manifested this year by Vice President Mike Pence of the United States. Bezos was pleased with this time window, and thinks that Blue Origin can help make it realistic.

jeff bezos blue moon
Jeff Bezos introducing Blue Moon

Elon Musk called Blue Balls to Blue Moon

Who rushed to play with the announcement was Elon Musk. The CEO of Tesla and the “competitor” SpaceX tweeted where it changed the name Blue Moon to Blue Balls – which in English slang is considered an affront.

The also CEO of Amazon invests more than 1,000 million euros in Blue Origin annually. The plan to put astronauts on the moon as early as 2024 is bold, but the future will tell if these are pretensions that will come true.

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