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All humans in this video were created by Artificial Intelligence


We are approaching strange levels in the artificial intelligences. DataGrid, a Japanese start-up, has designed one that randomly breeds humans and shows them all in one video.

Everything you see in the video was created by the algorithm of artificial intelligence. This includes poses, clothing and the different physical characteristics of humans. At first glance, it even looks like an ad with models of clothing brands.

This is not the first time we see this kind of intelligence artificially generating humans. Still a few months ago we talked about ThisPersonDoesNotExist site where you can enter and refresh the page to see new human faces generated by artificial intelligence.

Although there are some obvious errors and some images look like a bad Photoshop job, it’s important to remember that there were no humans doing it. They were preprogrammed artificial intelligences.

How can artificial human beings be created?

According to the text in the video, the researchers use what is called the Generative Adversarial Network or GAN, to generate the images. GANs involve an artificial neural network trying to trick the other with images.

At one point, the second neural network can no longer distinguish between real images of humans and those generated by computer, achieved the goal. It is scary how these artificial intelligences have no difficulty in creating human characteristics.


This is an interesting technology that can have applications like creating virtual models or for the fashion and advertising industries. However, there is a panoply of ways in which this technology can be misused.

Identity theft, false and fabricated news, overlapping bodies on faces and vice versa. It may seem like a discourse of skepticism but in our society we already have problems identifying the false of the true in several respects.

Anyway, these technologies are under development and we are still wondering what kind of applications they might have in real life. But we have to agree that the video alludes to a future sinister future.

Shivam Singh
Founder of the TechGrits, has always looked at technology as a piece of knots. From an early age connected to the technological world, this is literally your dream job.

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