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Alipay has invested 3 billion in 3 years to push the face to pay, and the era of “eat by face” is coming?

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Can face recognition technology be applied by various hardware devices produced by hardware manufacturers?

Now, the related business is in the process, and domestic related hardware is landing at relevant speeds to relevant scenes, such as retail, finance, and even medical fields. Currently, there are related applications.

On April 17th, at the Alipay Open Day IoT special session in Beijing, Zhong Wei, general manager of Alipay’s payment division, first stated that “In 2014, Ant Financial began to pay attention to brush-paying related technology. After more than five years of technology research and development. The trend of the whole industry is improving, and this year will be the former station for the realization of the future vision.”

Aside from the previous generation of products, only four months have passed, and the second generation of products has been released.

TechGrits learned that in addition to releasing a new generation of payment products, Zhong Hao also announced that it will be self-contained, open to the outside world, and will invest 3 billion in the next three years to fully support the open face and commercial cooperation.

Alipay invested 3 billion in three years to promote face payment,

Series of product upgrades, Ali has an open ecosystem

“Every time I develop a meeting, I can make a lot of money. Last time at the Yunqi Conference, one of our face-washing machines sold more than a thousand bottles of water, far exceeding the actual demand,” said Alipay Biometrics Product Director. This is the way to introduce the application requirements of the face payment.

In 2015, Ma Yun showed Alipay’s face-paying payment system at the Hannover Fair in Germany. “The system at the time was very simple and could only serve Ma Yun alone.” After 2016, Alipay began to make a face-to-face payment business. The first generation does not require a mobile phone to pay for the face.

Alipay invested 3 billion in three years to promote face payment,

The US media has previously released five Chinese-leading technologies, one is the high-speed rail we are familiar with, and the other is to pay for the face. For now, the face payment has never been required to bring a mobile phone, and it is necessary to input the 4-digit mobile phone number, and now it is not necessary to manually input the mobile phone number.

Specifically, the brush face payment product is equipped with a camera including a 3D structured light camera, an RGB camera and an infrared camera to restore the true identity of the person through different orientations and angles.

In the promotion process of the past five years, the pain point of the commercial brush face payment technology is that the commercial cost is high, and the payment link is completely opened, and the cost is high. If you want to use the application face-sharing technology, you need to get through with your own service provider, ID system, and payment link. This is a very heavy task, and it also hinders the promotion and application of face-sharing payment technology in various industries.

Therefore, with Alipay’s current brush face payment products.

Specific to the second generation of this release, compared to the previous generation, the display has been reduced from 10 inches to 8 inches, the thickness has been reduced by 3/4, the weight of the whole machine has been reduced by 55%, and it can be folded like a book after being folded and disassembled. . And no external equipment is needed, plug it in and use it.

In addition, Alipay has also upgraded its key components, the 3D structured optical camera. The new 3D structured optical camera can quickly locate and accurately identify faces in sidelights, backlights and many complex application scenarios.

Alipay invested 3 billion in three years to promote face payment,

The recruitment also emphasizes that Alipay will open up the ecology of the cockroach. “By opening up the ecology, we can make some more complex and customized needs come true.” Open in two ways: Programs and small instructions.

Small program. The small program can completely copy all the development components of the Alipay applet. All the applications developed in the Alipay applet can be completely transplanted to the small program, and the small program can also be unique to the equipment manufacturer including the camera and voice interaction. The IoT function is added to the small program to meet the customization needs.

Small instruction. Many business processes are standardized. Whether it’s developing an original app or developing a small program, a lot of work is done in some repetitive developments. Reduce the repetitive development by superimposing small programs with existing applets or original apps. “For example, if an interface needs to display the amount of merchant payments and offers, we can pass this amount to the UI by defining a small command.”

Alipay invested 3 billion in three years to promote face payment,

The simple function can be developed in three days through small programs and small instructions, which greatly saves ecological development costs and product operation efficiency.

Brush face payment: spending money no longer has “feeling”

From cash delivery to electronic payments, secured transactions drive fast payments and bring prosperity to the entire e-commerce ecosystem.

In 2010, Alipay solved the problem of the success rate of online transactions and the payment experience, and launched fast payment. The mobile payment industry was born through the development of electronic payment to two-dimensional code payment.

In 2014, Alipay took another step forward and paid attention to paying for face-to-face payment. “At the time, our idea was very simple, that is, consumers could buy anything without having to bring anything with a face,” recalling the initial idea of ​​entering. Zhong Rong said this. It seems that a real “time to eat by face” may not be far away.

When it comes to payment innovation, Zhong Wei believes that there are two main entry points, namely, capital flow and payment medium:

  • Cash flow. The secured transactions and the custody process solve the problem of inconvenient capital flow, and then there is a business model of “paying first and then paying”, which further reduces the payment threshold during the transaction process;
  • Payment medium. From cash, bank cards, to mobile payment (mobile payment), the payment medium is constantly changing, and eventually a special medium such as mobile phones is used instead of a special medium such as cash and bank cards. It is also a “disintermediation”. The process, now Alipay’s main push for face payment is equivalent to no longer need the media at the user end. This will further promote consumption upgrades.

For the entire business system, payment is only a node for commercial completion. To serve consumers and provide a better user experience, it is necessary to establish a complete personal portrait for consumers. It is difficult to have a “payment node” with only a few seconds. Implemented on. Technological innovation has brought more possibilities to traditional offline store operations, and digital operations have become a major trend.

We can make the store’s business become data-driven, algorithm-driven, and personalized service consumers, so that the entire consumer process does not have to be interrupted by payment cards such as bank cards and mobile phones, thereby reducing the “pain” of payment and increasing the consumption conversion rate. It also moves the offline business and consumers to the online, thus achieving online and offline omni-channel operations. Among them, face recognition technology is an important driving technology. With the face payment payment, a data-driven service experience can appear online.

In December 2018, Alipay launched the first generation of face payment products. According to the official information of Alipay, it is found in the process of testing with partners that through the face payment method, not only can the profit efficiency of the merchant be increased by 20% to 50%, but the conversion rate of the entire member and the member issuing ticket can also be improved. Up to 6 times.

For the business logic, Zhong Rong analyzed the previously released smart containers at the scene:

“A lot of people didn’t think about buying anything when they opened the door. When he needed to pull out his mobile phone and open the door to buy goods through his mobile phone, he might give up because he subconsciously thought that the mobile phone is the process of payment. A bad interactive experience. Brushing the face allows consumers to open the door without the pressure of payment, thus driving consumers’ desire for consumption. At present, tens of thousands of merchants have brought into the store. ”

In response to the second-generation upgrade, Zhong Hao also said that it will upgrade from three aspects: product, service and policy:

product upgrade. will be self-contained, expand the entire brush face payment products, and will cover more third-party partner products in the future. “Our partners only need to meet our technical requirements, cooperate with us, have a common vision to serve online merchants, and the products they produce can also be called no longer one, the future is group.”

Service upgrade. “By paying through the face, we hope to help the merchants to get through the online and offline operating systems, let the members of the business stay, the members pull new, the member marketing, and even the operation within the entire store can operate with the omni-channel, completely open.”

Policy upgrades. Established Operational Rewards and will support the full opening and commercial cooperation of 3 billion pairs of face-lifting technologies in the next three years.

Alipay invested 3 billion in three years to promote face payment,

Friends in the “Friends Circle”

As mentioned above, will be opened to the outside world as an open ecology of Alipay. The entire chain has already included hardware solutions, such as the business technology, 3D structured optical camera provider, Rio, and specific applications in medical and retail fields. In the application.

Su Hongran, senior vice president of global marketing at Shanghai Shangmi Technology Co., Ltd., said at the meeting, “Commerce offers a range of hardware solutions for offline industries, including self-service/desktop POS machines, cash registers, etc. All devices are integrated. 3D structured light camera, cooperate with Alipay to realize face payment. In addition, Shangmi Technology has been making contact with more than 300 software vendors, and more than 30 softwares have been transferred to face, and have gradually landed retail, catering, leisure and entertainment. , hotel accommodation, living services, medical health, transportation and other scenes.”

Alipay invested 3 billion in three years to promote face payment,

Lino Technology Co., Ltd. CPO Zhang said that the first payment of Alipay’s face payment terminal, and also the T2-Lite of the second generation series. T1—Lite plug-and-play, merchants can directly access the manual cash register; secondly, T1—Lite adopts Alipay face perception + two-dimensional code aggregation payment, which is convenient for consumers to choose; In addition, T1-Lite is small in size and the bracket can be used. Demolition, merchants can be placed on the desktop or directly attached according to the store.

2D face recognition technology has the influence of interference items such as the presence of lights during the landing process. Even the live detection is difficult for 2D detection. Although the video method improves the recognition rate, it is not conducive to user experience. Therefore, 3D face recognition technology Was introduced into the brush face payment technology. The 3D face recognition technology avoids the above problems by sensing the three-dimensional spatial information.

The second generation of this release, the application of the Rio S1 camera.

Alipay invested 3 billion in three years to promote face payment,

Considering that equipment manufacturers hope that our cameras can be made lighter and lighter in structure, our team has spent a long time to make the S1 camera the smallest 3D structured optical camera in the industry. The problem that comes with it is that the S1 camera is no longer a plug-and-play USB form, but a more integrated access method. Therefore, Rio has also provided 3D modules, 3D sensing modules (MTK/Qualcomm) and complete machine solutions for different technical capabilities.

In the medical application scenario, Ali Medical has a medical version, which can realize functions such as brushing the face, entering the hospital file, doctor’s business card, electronic health card, scan code compatibility, order payment, etc. The equipment has been applied in provincial hospitals in Zhejiang Province and will gradually be launched in several hospitals in Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Tianjin.

Alipay invested 3 billion in three years to promote face payment,

In the retail application scenario, Weiduo CIO Hubo said that Weiduomei will deploy equipment in all (300) stores in Beijing from the end of April to mid-May, and simultaneously open the face to pay for a key to receive the taste of the US membership card.

Alipay invested 3 billion in three years to promote face payment,

Finally, the director of Alipay Ecological Development Department announced the price of the second generation, the price is 1999 yuan / Taiwan, the limited pre-sale price is 1199 yuan / Taiwan, the normal price is restored: 20 units below 1699 yuan / Taiwan, and more than 600 Above the stage is 1499 yuan / Taiwan. The key announcement was the operation reward. “Firstly, according to 0.7 yuan per user, the monthly total of 400 yuan is capped, and the single device has a total of 1200 yuan.”

Alipay invested 3 billion in three years to promote face payment,

TechGrits experienced the 2.0 product especially after the meeting. The overall feeling is that it takes a step to take out the process of scanning the code. However, in TechGrits and the on-site Alipay product explanation personnel exchange, I learned that 2.0 is a payment terminal and cannot scan commodity barcodes like an automatic cash register.

Alipay invested 3 billion in three years to promote face payment,
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