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Alibaba and L’Oreal release mobile AI detection application


At the Viva Technology in Paris, L’Oréal and Alibaba Group jointly released the first mobile-based artificial intelligence detection application for acne problems – EFFACLAR SPOTSCAN.

Effica can help consumers who are plagued by oily skin and helpless, conduct professional skin self-testing anytime and anywhere, and obtain personalized scientific care solutions to improve the quality of life and embrace a better life.

Lubomira Rochet, the chief digital officer of L’Oréal Group, said: “Front technology such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, voice, etc. will help us bring more and more personalized and more sophisticated beauty to everyone in a more flexible, agile and sustainable way. Make-up services make people’s lives better. Today, China has become a new hub for L’Oréal’s global digitalization and innovation. Effica is our open innovation in China, creating a new beauty experience for consumers around the world. To help them have a new and healthy life.”

Wu Hanwen, chief digital marketing officer of L’Oreal China, said: “Open innovation will help us to effectively explore the application potential of cutting-edge technology in the field of beauty. We look forward to working with more dreamers and windmakers like Alibaba. The infinite dream of many consumers to the United States is a reality. The birth of Effica is L’Oréal China’s consumer-centric, based on digital talent and digital culture, driven by new retail, new marketing, and big data, artificial intelligence applications. The latest achievements of the digital strategy further explain the true meaning of ‘beauty technology’ for a better life.”

The prevalence of acne problems in the Chinese population is increasing year by year, reaching 80% among adolescents, which has a major impact on people’s physical and mental health. Although a large number of consumers are in urgent need of professional support for skin testing and care, there is only one dermatologist resource per 60,000 people in China.

At the same time, although acne problems are common, consumers’ awareness of scientific nursing methods is generally limited. In the absence of scientific testing and guidance, it is easy to blindly adopt wrong nursing methods, resulting in increased skin problems, resulting in Irreversible damage. The information platform for self-testing and nursing advice, which is available at your fingertips, has become the yearning for more and more oil-pox muscle consumers.

In response to this pain point, L’Oréal China teamed up with Alibaba to develop its expertise in the field of dermatology and its insight into the global oilpox muscle consumers and Alibaba’s global leadership in artificial intelligence. The development of technology has been organically combined to develop the detection of the skin of Esplanade.

Consumers can log in to Effica through Tmall or Taobao mobile phone, upload three photos according to the instructions and upload them to get the test report and learn the severity of the acne problem according to the score. After the self-test, Effica will provide personalized skincare advice based on the different skin conditions of the consumer, and will specifically recommend the care product portfolio and support online order purchase. If more serious skin problems are detected, Effica can make one-on-one online consultations with dermatologists based on consumer needs.

Larry, China’s vice president, and general manager of the Active Health Cosmetics Division said: “We analyzed more than 6,000 consumer images representing different races, different skin types and different acne severity and gender. Provide sufficient scientific research basis.”

Alibaba Group’s world-class artificial intelligence technology team also provided powerful algorithm support for the launch of Effika. Artificial intelligence experts use the deep learning techniques such as object classification and object detection to obtain a neural network model for acne detection based on acne detection images and skin expert recommendations and establish the association between acne image information and skin lesion type. Skin test results.

Wang Yeming, general manager of Alibaba Cloud Europe, Middle East, and Africa, explained: “There are millions of consumers on Tmall and Taobao who have different levels of acne problems. Through artificial intelligence technology, they can stay at home, efficient and convenient. Understand the skin condition and choose the right skin care solution. We are pleased to join hands with L’Oreal, the world’s leading cosmetics group, to provide Alibaba’s technical support for this truly benefiting the consumer. This is based on Alibaba and L’Oreal’s strategic cooperation. Once again, beauty and technology have the perfect combination of temperature.”

The La Roche Effica acne detection will be launched on Tmall and Taobao mobile terminals in June and is planned to be available to consumers around the world through other application platforms.

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