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Alexa is now able to perform more tasks with fewer commands


It was during the conference re: Mars from Amazon that the company showed us the latest functionality coming to Alexa. Named Conversations, this new function will allow you to perform various tasks as if from a simple conversation if it is.

The example given by Amazon on stage involves planning a night out. In less than a minute, it was shown how you can buy movie tickets, book a restaurant table and call a Uber. All this as naturally as if you were talking to a real person.

The Conversations function unites several applications so that everything is done naturally

The Conversations feature comes thanks to the Alexa Skills Kit module. Basically what is done is to merge several applications into one. What could take up to several minutes to complete is now done in just over 60 seconds.

Let’s take the case of a Uber reservation. Until now, you would have to say the whole command “Alexa, reserve me Uber”. Now, with the introduction of the Conversations, Alexa herself suggests the transport reservation and all you have to say is, “Yes, get me a Uber.”

For the future, Amazon hopes to be able to add more complex commands to the Conversations. Its purpose is that it is possible to perform tasks much more complex than a trip to the cinema, but with the same naturalness that we can see in this example.

All this seemed almost unattainable a couple of years ago

Two years ago, there were several entities who dreamed it was possible to have an almost natural conversation with a Virtual Assistant. For a long time this seemed to be almost the Holy Grail of Artificial Intelligence.

Now, by the middle of 2019, we see that it is indeed possible to achieve this ambition. What Amazon demonstrated at its re: Mars conference shows us that this ambition is now something very real.

Google Assistant is also able to do something similar to the Alexa Conversations. In that case, the American company called it Continual Conservatives, but its purpose is exactly the same as what Amazon revealed.

Pooja Kaintura
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