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AirPods Studio: get ready for Apple’s premium headphones


Apple is preparing to present not only the iPhone 12, but also new gadgets dedicated to audio. According to the new leaks, we will get to know the AirPods Studio, two new high-end headphones with bold prices.

However, Cupertino’s technology will have removed all rival products from its official stores, including offers from Logitech, Bose and similar ones. The attitude reinforces the likelihood of the new Apple headphones being a reality.

The premium version of the AirPods Pro can cost up to $ 599

Apple AirPods Studio premium
Conceptual image shared by leaker Jon Prosser

We will have a premium version whose price can rise to 600 dollars, while the base version will be for 350 dollars, with a more sporty nature. This latest version will use more breathable fabric for the headphones, more relaxed.

The process of changing the ear cushions will be simple, with the structure to be magnetically coupled to the body of the earphones, to change in case of need or cleaning. This component must be reversible, simplifying its use.

The headband should also be covered with a similar material, but so far we don’t know what materials to use, or how it will fit different head sizes,

Active noise cancellation (ANC) and USB-C port

The new information points to the absence of the 3.5 mm audio jack port , using instead a physical connection via USB-C. Another highlight is the active noise cancellation (ANC), with the passive cancellation provided by the ear pads.

In summary, the biggest difference between the $ 599 and $ 349 versions will be construction materials. The first with metal and leather dominating, while the second will use cheaper and sportier materials.

Finally, Jon Prosser stresses that the Apple headphones will not be presented on October 13, an event that will be dedicated to the new iPhone 12.

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