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Affected by Google services failure? Find out what happened!

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Last Sunday, several Google services ceased to function properly, leaving millions of users unsure what to do. Among the services most affected were Gmail, YouTube, Drive and Analytics. In addition to their services, third-party applications were also affected, such as Discord and iCloud.

As soon as the first problems arose, it was possible to see a huge peak in the number of reports on the DownDetector site. In a short space of time, dozens of complaints turned into large hundreds. From that moment, there was no doubt that something more serious happened with Google services.

What led to failure in so many services and applications

Shortly after the problems began, the company said that the cause would be a major “network congestion”, not revealing the possible causes.

Now an official explanation has been published for the event. It was actually a network congestion that led to service crashes, but the source of the problem came directly from Google.

On Sunday, some changes were scheduled for the small number of servers in a given region. By ‘human’ failure, it ended up being applied to a large number of servers scattered across various regions.

The settings applied were intended to limit the network capacity of the servers, thus causing the inevitable congestion. As a result of this deception, several Google services were unavailable for long hours.

Google claims that it took only a few seconds to identify the problem. However, its resolution eventually took much longer than expected.

Next step will be to ensure that this situation does not recur

As one would expect, after a technical failure leaves several million users with no access to their services, the important thing is to ensure that it will not happen again. All the services are already back to their normal operation, and now Google’s team of engineers are looking at all the factors that led to this incident.

In this way, they hope to be able to put in place preventive measures, so that an identical situation can be avoided in the future.

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