Established in 2018, TechGrits adheres to the tenet of “focus on intelligence and the future” and continues to conduct in-depth research and interpretation of global cutting-edge technology trends and product trends. It is a representative strength-based technology new media and information service platform in the World.

TechGrits product technology information is authoritative and keen and has become an important source of information for the vast number of technology media and self-media. It is also a good teacher and developer on the road of technological innovation. was the first to launch the maker marathon technical competition. It is an important promoter of the Indian maker movement; the hard-opening open class continued by helped nearly 100,000 engineers and developers overcome technical difficulties.

In 2018, TechGrits Network once again confirmed to the industry trend and worked hard in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics. Its “Global Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Conference (CCF-GAIR)” has won a good reputation among people inside and outside the industry. At the same time, the new positioning of “Connecting the Three Realms” was also established at this conference.

TechGrits Network will continue to connect and serve the academic, industrial and investment communities. Through the integration of the three realms, we will work with scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors on the road of technology and product innovation to serve people who change the world through in-depth and authoritative information.

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