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8 leaks that define the new iPhone 11 (XI) in 2019


The launch of the iPhone 11 is expected between the 10th and 20th of September . We have a lot of information and leaks about one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year 2019.

We believe that the price of the base model will be presented from € 999 , just like the previous launches. The iPhone XS, the latest in the X series, when it was introduced had the base price of 999 €.

Most of the leaks highlight the new iPhone by the new camera layout, which is present on the back of the smartphone. The iPhone 11 will have a third lens and their design is unusual.

1. New Triple Camera

The iPhone 11 and the XR model should have two photographic lenses, which is an improvement for the XR, while for the Max model we will see a third lens added.

It is expected to consist of a 12 -megapixel wide-angle sensor that will take pictures with a 120-degree field of view, far superior to current iPhones.


The iPhone 11 will maintain image stabilization on only two lenses, which are already used in current models, the flash LED should also be improved, stronger and will illuminate a larger area, but will remain the same size.

Leaks point to accessory cases on the iPhone XI and the camera configuration seems to be confirmed, with a large square area on the back of the cover.

This creates a doubt about the stability of the phone when it is placed on a table or flat surface with the screen facing up. The camera’s overhang causes the iPhone to become unsteady, staggering, making it difficult to use.

2. New Bionic A13 processor

The next Apple A13 will use the process of 7nm (nanometers), it is the few information that exist, regarding processor. Rumors indicate that this A13 processor is able to compete with high-performance laptops.

Known for being used in iPad’s and MacBook’s, performance enhancements, improved power management, AI (artificial intelligence) and especially on iPhones, the camera will be optimized with integration of Artificial Intelligence elements.

3. Reduction of notch

It is expected a reduction of the notch , which could be due to the complex technology imposed on top of the screen. Apple is the only company that gives us a 3D facial recognition so accurate and sophisticated, and maybe that’s why we do not opt ​​for the total removal of the notch.

4. 128GB is the minimum storage capacity

Many brands are already starting to introduce smartphones with a minimum capacity of 128GBand the iPhone 11 seems to be one of them. The current models start selling from 64GB, and many of them neither version 128GB have, only the one of 256GB, like the iPhone XS.

In this new model, Apple is expected to market the iPhone 11 with the minimum capacity of 128GB of internal memory.

5. 3110mAh and 3650mAh battery

According to the latest leaks, everything points to the iPhone XR 2019 has a battery of 3110mAh, while the iPhone 11 Max will have a battery with 3650mAh of capacity. Larger batteries, when combined with 7nm processors, deliver better performance for a longer period of time.

6. Reversible wireless charging


This new feature, already can be found in Android smartphones, and is a novelty for Apple users. It all points out that the new iPhone 11 will include reversible wireless charging, allowing you to use your iPhone as a charging cradle for other devices.

The launch of AirPods 2 may be a “hint” that points to this new functionality, since the major change to the first model was the addition of wireless charging.

7. First iPhone with Dual Bluetooth

Information released on the Internet, state that the iPhone 11 will allow the sharing of content via Bluetooth to more than one device at a time. For example, two people can listen to the same song, from a single iPhone, but each with their pair of AirPods.

Although it is possible to pair the iPhone with several Bluetooth devices, we can only send / receive audio to one. Basically, it is possible to have several saved equipment, but we can only use one to listen to music.

8. Underwater Mode (“underwater”)

To the surprise of users, Apple is developing an ” underwater ” mode , this allows the iPhone 11 to remain fully functional even under water. That is, the screen of the equipment will be able to continue to register perfectly your interactions.

This may be the final design of the iPhone 11

A video was released, which shows us the possible final design of the new iPhone 11. Although it is a render, we can see the aesthetic changes of the new iPhone. Of note is the protrusion of the rear chamber, which has been criticized by netizens.

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