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5 Startup Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

5 Startup Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid
5 Startup Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

Entering the entrepreneurial adventure can be as exhilarating as it is distressing. To do things right, however, it is enough to adopt some basic good practices to avoid the mistakes of beginners.

here is no point in running, you have to start at the right time. Developers and developers who create their business would do well to remember! Leaving the starting blocks too quickly could disqualify them for false start. ”  Profiles with good technical background are used to producing ,” says Marion Legros , Deputy Director of SUP’Internet School . It is by producing that they have the impression of advancing their project.  But it is not by aligning the lines of code that it will take shape – at least, not the first time.

Start at the beginning: the foundations. ”  It’s important to ask yourself, to think ,” says Marion Legros. It’s like a brief, you have to find a problem and think about a solution. The ideal is to define its target to be able to make an inventory of the market, estimate its potential and achieve a first benchmark.  This may seem counterintuitive to those who would like to embark on the big bath. But this step will save you precious time: developing a solution for a problem that you have not defined well will force you to start from scratch.

Being monomaniac

Do you like web marketing and your friends too? Two good reasons to … do not associate yourself. First, because entrepreneurship is not a holiday project: ” You have to get along well, but not just be friends,  ” says the director of SUP’Internet. What should preside over the constitution of your team – of shock, that goes without saying, it is the complementarity of the profiles. ”  Undertaking alone requires the founder to combine skills: marketing, development, project management …  ” To the impossible no one is required, but also maximize your chances by combining expertise.

In addition to facilitating the distribution of missions and tasks, this will also help you avoid many pitfalls. ”  Technical profiles too often neglect the business dimension: they forget to keep an eye on the competition or the market, are not too concerned about the UX (user experience, ed),  ” regrets Marion Legros. On the contrary, the commercial profiles abandon the technique, which constitutes the essence of innovation. Crossing your knowledge and experiences seems necessary to get around the most obvious obstacles.

Recruiting quickly

You have certainly avoided the trap of forming a founding team monomaniac, but make no mistake: in terms of human resources, the danger lurks every recruitment! It’s up to you to make the right choices to keep your project on track. If the first employee of the company is often a former trainee, be aware of what this entails. ”  Some founders and founders prefer to hire a trainee to manage the technical part of the project because he or she costs less than senior developers and developers ,” sighed the director of SUP’Internet. This can pay off as it can be a big mistake if the person is not involved enough in the project.  “

Also be careful not to improvise influencer or influencer if you do not have a minimum of creative fiber or diplomacy foolproof. ”  Social networks can be very powerful if you use them wisely. But the backlash can be extremely violent if one does not insure. And it’s not because we use Facebook every day that we have the fiber of a community manager!  Recruiting a suitable profile will save you a bad buzz, which can be particularly disabling during the launch phase.

To be perfectionist

No, perfectionism is not a quality! And it will cost you dear to believe the opposite. The first version, or V1, of your product is aptly named: no one expects it to be perfect. Do not complicate life unnecessarily. ”  The first customers and potential investors need a prototype or a showcase site to become aware of the solution ,” says Marion Legros. But these people do not require a real product or a millimeter service.  “

Put your best creative profiles on the spot to give your site or product a DNA that is strong enough to be equally impressive in your first pitches. And do not hesitate to talk about your idea, even to show your V1. This will allow you to get first feedback so you can then refine the features offered or get rid of some technical errors. A more constructive attitude than keeping your concept for you lest you be pricked … Remember that an idea in itself is of little value, it is in its execution that the real treasure lies!

Think only about specialists

Once your V1 finalized will come time to seek your first sources of financing, to go shoe your first investors. And if this first sketch is enough to let them see a potential, it will just think about it if you do not want to be kicked out after a few minutes. Be one step ahead and think about the additional features you can develop to increase the size of your market.

“Prepare a sound schedule, which includes the launch date of the beta, the final version and the development goals of new features,  ” anticipates Marion Legros. One constraint: you stick to it! Respecting this first roadmap will reassure your investors as well as the first people in your clientele, creating a virtuous circle that will lead you to success.

Neglecting the accompaniment

But if you think to get there solo, as much to warn you: if it is not impossible, it is on the other hand perilous. And it is all the more unfortunate to risk it when you know that, in recent years, many structures have enriched the ecosystem to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. And whatever the stage of development of their company. ”  It’s important to choose your support, for example to deal with issues related to taxation or law , says the director of SUP’Internet. But also, later, to manage the international development of the project. Some markets, like China, are very complicated to send without the help of an embassy or a chamber of commerce.  “

Another virtue of the accompaniment: to allow you to create a network. This multiplies the chances of being interested in your product. What make you want to spend more time in events which you do not distinguish, at first glance, the interest. ”  Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs often think it’s wasted time, yet it’s part of the business , Marion Legros says . It is difficult to calculate the return on investment … except once we see the results!  “

Integrating self-help communities, networks or clubs of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, just as you attach to the services of dedicated structures can be effective ways to accelerate your development … and avoid making these fatal mistakes for your project. With this in mind, the Ionis Group founded Ionis 361 to support start-up creators and creators. By the way …

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Founder of the TechGrits, has always looked at technology as a piece of knots. From an early age connected to the technological world, this is literally your dream job.

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