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4 smartbands that cost less than € 10! Impossible to resist!

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If you are looking at smartbands, you know that this market is not as simple as it looks. We have gadgets that cost less than € 10 and others that can go for € 100. So what are the differences? Is it worth investing in something so cheap? Let’s get some insight into the subject.

Most smartbands work perfectly for basic situations, but if you want more detail, better tracking applications and a “more name” brand you have to pay for it. These smart € 10 are not perfect, however, they will not give you very wrong data and serves for basic situations that just wanted to be informed.

Xiaomi Mi Band smartbands

No need to spend a lot to buy a smartband

So, let’s look at each of them quickly, make the decision that you find most advantageous for you, but for 10 € I do not believe you’ll be disappointed with any of the options. Attention that prices may eventually change, at the time the article is being made, they are all under € 10. Also note that all are made for Android and iOS.

ID115 Plus – Prices and shipping here

A simple smartband with the necessary functionalities. For less than € 7 this is the cheapest smartband of these options. Still, you have a smartband that measures your heart rate, gives you steps, calories, and gives you notifications from your smartphone. For this price you can not get better. Still, its a shame its construction is not the best. The plastic is too stiff and may not be ideal for fine wrists.

MPOW DS D6 Smartband – Prices and supplies here

This smartband already has a better construction. Just like everyone else, it gives you the connection to your smartphone to have the notifications on your wrist. The sensors are the same as those of the smart bracelet above and gives you a smartphone application with a bit more quality.

M2 Smartband Fitness – Prices and shipping here

This small smartband is probably one of the more stylish designs. Without fear of showing itself as a copy of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, this smartband offers us basically the same as the others, including the heart rate sensor. to point out that the bracelet has the same charging format of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, ie take the small gadget of the bracelet and charge.

M3 Smartband Fitness – Prices and shipping here

If the M2 was a copy of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, the M3 is a copy of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. That is, just like the predecessor, this bracelet for less than 10 € will have the lines very similar to the bracelet of Xiaomi. In addition, it offers us a small color screen and has a small button at the bottom to interact with the settings. Sincerely the best of the 4 options that are here.

In physical stores you will have to rise a little at the price

Unfortunately if you want to buy a smartband in a physical store you will have to raise your budget a little more. Still, you can for € 30 find the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and by little more the new Samsung Galaxy Fit-e that will hit the markets in the coming weeks.

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