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3D Animals on Your Smartphone with Google Search: Now You Can also Record Videos!


Google Search recently gave us the possibility to see animals and 3D objects on the smartphone. For that you just need to have a compatible smartphone and do a simple Google search (I’ll tell you how).

Now, the latest update lets users record videos with their smartphone. To do this, you just need to click (and hold) the photo button at the bottom.

Record video with 3D animals in Google search

Google Search 3D Animals

This feature also allows you to record the sound. That is, you can now place the small one on a scale with the animal in question. It is worth mentioning that the recording functionality is not yet available to all users.

The feature is being made available gradually and, if you don’t already have it, it will be a matter of time before you can test it. The recorded videos will immediately jump to the gallery.

How to view animals in Augmented Reality in Google Search

List of animals available to view in 3D

I advise you to look in the search with the name in English. Although some animals work with research in Portuguese, I only managed to see them all when researching in the English language. Still, here is the translation of each one.

3D animals Google search
  • Alligator – Crocodile
  • Angler fish – angler fish
  • Brown bear – Brown bear
  • Cat – Cat
  • Cheetah – Cheetah
  • Dog – Dog
  • Duck – Duck
  • Eagle – Eagle
  • Emperor penguin – Emperor penguin
  • Horse – horse
  • Lion – Lion
  • Octopus – Octopus
  • Pug – Pug (dog)
  • Giant panda – Panda
  • Shark – Shark
  • Snake – Snake
  • Tiger – Tiger
  • Turtle – Turtle
  • Wolf – Wolf
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