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20 Best PC Microphones in 2020

best microphones

The computer’s built-in microphone rarely delivers an acceptable minimum of quality. So there are PC microphones that improve voice quality for telecommuting, Skype calls, game streaming, or podcasts.

We select the best computer microphones, with USB or XLR connection, for casual users, or more professionals for content production. The list is organized from the cheapest microphone to the most expensive and best for podcast.

1. Trust Primo

The Trust Primo has a small base and tilt adjustment.

Connection : 3.5 mm plug Pick-up
pattern : Omnidirectional
Price : from 8 € on AMAZON.ES

The cheapest PC microphone with minimal quality is Trust’s Primo model. It has a 1.8 m cable and a structure that allows you to adjust the inclination. The sound quality is marginally superior to that of the integrated microphones.

We recommend this microphone for teleworking, video calls via Skype, for example, and voice chat. We suggest that you keep a minimum distance of one span between you (source) and the microphone to avoid bursting audio.

2. Trust Mico USB

The Trust Mico has an included tripod and USB adapter in the box.

Connection : 3.5 mm plug + USB
Standard : Omnidirectional
Price : from € 20 on AMAZON.ES

Slightly better than the built-in microphone, Trust’s Mico USB has a support tripod and can be connected to the computer (Windows or Mac) via the 3.5 mm plug, or the included USB adapter. It is versatile and relatively well built.

We recommend this microphone for telecommuting, Skype calls and for playing online. For best results connect the microphone to the dedicated port with the 3.5 mm plug to minimize noise and electrical interference from the USB port.

3. AmazonBasics Desktop Mini Condenser Mic

The 1st generation Amazon Basics microphone is available in black, white and silver

Connection : USB
Standard : Omnidirectional, Cardioid
Price : from 29 € on AMAZON.ES

The best price / quality PC microphone for up to 30 euros is made by Amazon. The build quality is poor, but the voice pickup is quite pleasant, or even good. It has a small tripod for support and desktop use.

It has an upper button for immediate mute, with an LED indicator. It’s simple to use, just like in design and construction, but with no compromises on what really matters, being good for telecommuting and video calls, or narration.

4. Trust Gaming GXT 232 Mantis

The Mantis comes with a shock-absorbing tripod and has a “pop filter” included.

Connection : USB
Standard : Omnidirectional
Price : from 35 € on AMAZON.ES

The cheapest of the gaming microphones is the GXT 232 Mantis from Trust, a microphone with good value for money by including not only a tripod, but also a filter and holder that absorbs some shocks, in addition to having a USB connection with a robust cable.

The sound quality is mediocre, but it is already a good improvement compared to the microphone built into computers. It is recommended to play online with comments, for teleworking, video calls, voice capture and video narration.

5. Blue Snowball

Snowball is available in various colors and finishes

Connection : USB
Standard : Omnidirectional, Cardioid
Price : from 55 € on AMAZON.ES

The best microphone for PC up to 50 euros is the Snowball by Blue, a reference in the sector, with proven in the market and a good quality of capture. We also highlight the good quality of construction, the design and various finishes available.

It is an iconic microphone that we recommend for telecommuting, narration, to play online with comments, Skype calls, or to start a YouTube channel. Just connect to your computer via USB and you will feel the improvement in audio.

6. Trust Gaming GXT 242 Bid


Connection : USB
Standard : Unidirectional / Cardioid
Price : from 55 € on AMAZON.ES

The GXT 242 Lance is a good microphone for PC, not only for games, but for general use, whether for teleworking, video calls and conferences, or even narration. It comes equipped with a tripod and shock absorption system, in addition to the included pop filter.

A very complete set with good audio capture quality, with USB connection and 1.8 meter cable. The build quality is average, but it is well equipped and you can also connect it to the PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro console.

7. Samson Meteor Mic

Meteor has a compact design and construction with adjustable feet

Connection : USB
Standard : Cardioide
Price : from 59 € on AMAZON.ES

The Meteor is one of the best microphones up to 50 €, with a very nice retro design, in addition to a good build quality with adjustable feet. It is compact, has thread, mute button and adjustment of volume levels in monitoring.

The pickup quality is good, especially for voices. The microphone is recommended for narration, podcasts, teleworking, or video production and for streaming games. The connection to the computer is made with a USB cable (included).

8. Trust Gaming GXT 252 Emita Plus

The GXT 252 Emita Plus includes solid base, arm, shock absorbing support and “pop filter 

Connection : USB
Standard : Cardioide
Price : from 75 € on AMAZON.ES

For those looking for a complete solution, with USB connection, the GXT 252 Emita Plus is very versatile and brings all the accessories for a good sound capture. It is available with a boom arm instead of the base, among other available configurations.

The capture quality is good for video narration, game streaming and even music capture. It has a good quality of general construction, with an excellent price / quality ratio when purchasing the complete kit of this microphone for PC.

9. Blue Yeti Nano

Yeti Nano
The Nano is available in light blue (pictured), dark blue, gold / black and red / black.

Connection : USB
Standard : Cardioid, Omnidirectional
Price : from 112 € on AMAZON.ES

The compact and revised version of the Blue Yeti, the Nano is the best PC microphone for up to € 100 with USB connection. It is a desktop microphone with a solid base, iconic design and good pickup quality for voices as well as instruments.

It is a microphone recommended for improving a YouTube channel, for podcasts, narration, content production, or for teleworking and online conferences. It has a mute button, volume adjustment for the headphones and thread for mounting.

10. Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti
The Yeti is available in various colors and finishes

Connection : USB
Standard: Cardioid, Bidirectional, Omnidirectional, Stereo
Pricefrom 169 € on AMAZON.ES

The Yeti is a legend in the microphone market, being for years the best PC microphone at a reasonable price. It remains the favorite for game streaming, video narration, production work, podcasts and interviews, among others.

The microphone is heavy (1 kg), but the build quality is very good. There is a new version, the Yeti X, with even better capture quality, but the original continues to have a good cost / benefit ratio in 2020.

11. Audio Technica AT2020 USB +

The AT2020 USB + features a lightweight tripod for tilt adjustment

Connection : USB
Standard : Cardioide
Price : from 149 € on AMAZON.ES

The AT2020 USB + model is the latest version of one of the best microphones for PC. The brand is famous for its dedicated audio solutions and this is a great product for podcasts, video narration, content production and conferences.

The included tripod is somewhat weak, but you can mount it on an articulating arm or support base, with the quality of the audio capture being good. You can monitor the levels with headphones and you have dedicated buttons to control the volume at the rear.

12. Run NT USB Mini

The NT USB Mini comes with a magnetic dock for you to use on your desk

Connection : USB – C
Standard : Cardioide
Price : from 139 € on AMAZON.ES

The NT USB Mini is the latest microphone from RODE, a benchmark in the industry, well built, compact, discreet, with excellent pickup quality for voices and very versatile. It has a button that adjusts the level of direct monitoring.

You can mount the microphone on a base, articulated arm or on the included support with a magnetic connection. 4gnews recommends this microphone for podcast, narration, conference, or gaming for a discreet setup, but with great sound quality.

13. Run NT-USB

NT-USB comes with a desk stand and a large “pop-filter”

Connection : USB
Standard : Cardioide
Price : from 155 € on AMAZON.ES

The original version of Rode’s NT-USB is a highly versatile microphone, with a tripod / base included and a robust “pop-filter” already included in the box. The USB connection increases this versatility, with the construction quality being worth noting.

It has an industrial design, very good sound capture, being recommended for content production, podcast, music recording and instruments. You can monitor the audio in real time and adjust the levels on the side of the microphone.

14. HyperX Quadcast

Hyper X
The Quadcast has LED lighting (red), desk base and shock absorption system

Connection : USB
Standard : Stereo, Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Bidirectional
Price : from 129 € on AMAZON.ES

The Hyper X Quadcast is the best microphone for a gaming setup with shock mount and included base. To activate the mute, just touch the LED indicator, you have an included ” pop filter” and intuitive control of the microphone’s signal strength ( gain ).

It is a very complete solution, with good build quality, excellent price / quality ratio and remarkable voice pickup quality. We recommend this gamer microphone for streaming games, interviews, or content production.

15. Razer Seiren EMOTE

The Seiren EMOTE brings a desk stand for microphone support and adjustment

Connection : USB
Standard : Hyper Cardioid
Price : from 193 € on AMAZON.ES

The Seiren EMOTE is the intermediate microphone from Razer, behind the Elite and surpassing Quartz, with good build quality, industrial design and an LED panel that can express various emotions, emojis and small customizable phrases.

Sound capture is good, with an integrated pop filter and a small shock mount to absorb vibrations transmitted up to the gamer microphone. It is specially prepared for game streaming, but can be used for a variety of purposes.

16. Blue Spark SL

Spark SL features a robust shock mount for base, or arm, mounting.

Connection : XLR
Standard : Cardioid
Price : from 227 € on AMAZON.ES

The transparent sound with superb details and very rich harmonic content are some of the characteristic notes of Spark SL , the new version of this microphone from Blue. It is suitable for music production, instruments and voice / narration.

It brings a very effective shock-mount , with a slot to mount on a swivel arm or desk base. At the rear it has adjustment buttons and is suitable for home productions of higher level, in which the audio quality is noticeable.

17. Blue BabyBottle SL

BabyBottle SL features a robust shock mount for mounting on a base or arm.

Connection : XLR
Standard : Cardioid
Price : from 499 € on AMAZON.ES

The best sound capture at home is achieved with Blue’s BabyBottle SL. With warm notes, classic register, rich in details and suitable for both voices and instruments, this is an advanced solution for semi-professional productions.

The revised (SL) version of one of the best XLR microphones for PC, brings two new buttons for adjusting and controlling the signal, maintaining the design, build quality and excellent pickup quality we already knew. It is a premium solution.

18. Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd Gen

The Focusrite Kit features the XLR / USB interface, XLR cable and the Scarlett Studio microphone.

Connection : XLR
Standard : Cardioid
Price : from 179 € on AMAZON.ES

The Focusrite kit includes a USB 2.0 audio interface, the CM25 MKII microphone with XLR connection, the HP60 MKII headphones and some dedicated software for production. It is a package with an incredible price / quality ratio for production.

Bring along the XLR cable to connect the microphone to the interface and it would be perfect if it included the pop-filter, but it already gives you the essential elements for producing a semi-professional level for capturing voice and recording music / instruments.

19. Run PodMic

The PodMic comes with a support for fixing on an articulated arm or desk base

Connection : XLR
Standard: Cardioid
Pricefrom 118 € on AMAZON.ES

The best microphone for podcasts at around 129 euros is the PodMic by Rode. The voice pickup quality is extraordinary for this small microphone with integrated pop-filter, solid construction quality, and discreet profile.

It is designed for this role and must be mounted on a swivel arm or desk base. If you are thinking about creating a podcast and investing in quality material, this Rode microphone is an excellent bet, durable and proven.

20. Shure SM7B

The SM7B lacks the Cloudlifter CL-1 to function and an arm, or support

Connection : XLR
Standard: Cardioid
Pricefrom 525 € on AMAZON.ES

The best dynamic microphone for recording voice, podcast, radio and even singing. The neutral signature captures all the richness and details of the voice, making it the standard of absolute quality and a reference in amateur and professional productions.

The robust construction quality, the included pop-filter and the low profile make this microphone an incredible work tool for a small home studio, or for larger productions. There is no better microphone for recording dialogue.

5 tips to improve audio capture

1. Space. Avoid recording in wide/empty spaces where the echo will be felt. Curtains, blankets, carpets, fabrics, bookshelves, or furnished spaces are more suitable as they minimize the reflected sound, mitigating the echo in the recordings.

2Software. You can improve the captured audio, clean background noise, or electronic humming with features like Audacity, a free solution that can greatly improve the result of the recordings.

4. Accessories. A pop filter or filter for the stops – sounds like P’s, T’s and B’s, among others – makes the sound much more pleasant and can be improvised with a simple sheet of kitchen paper roll between the source (voice) and the microphone.

5. Practices. If you have the microphone resting on the desk, don’t hit it, even if you have a shock mount that absorbs vibrations. Turn off air conditioners, fans or other sources of background noise.

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