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Xiaomi prepares to launch new version of Mi Scale

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The new Mi TV is not the only product the Chinese giant will launch as early as April 23. A new poster leaves us anticipating another release. Although I look at it in detail, the way it was published, one can see that it is a scale.

The poster only reveals that the product will have the stamp of Mijia. Only with this information would we know that it would be something related to the intelligence of our house. However, the poster was shared on the social network Weibo by the page of the well-known scale Mi Scale.

xiaomi mi scale 3 release

Obviously, this information made enthusiasts believe that Xiaomi would be working on a new smart balance. If everything goes as planned, this will be released alongside the new Mi TV, already during the next week.

Mi Scale is the ideal smart balance to have at home

Xiaomi already has two scales under the Mijia brand. At this time we still do not know any details regarding specifications or prices. Still, improvements are expected from the predecessors many brand enthusiasts already have at home.

xiaomi mi scale 3 release

The great difference from one Mi Scale to another scale is its intelligence and integration into the Xiaomi ecosystem. If you take into account that it stores 16 profiles and can distinguish them, this scale is already attractive for large families.

The fact of synchronizing with Mi Fit and giving access to your data quickly, only the improvement. You will be able to see graphs of weight, percentage of fat and percentage of body water, so that nothing escapes you. With the new model we only expect even more intelligence.

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