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Xiaomi Mi band 3: update brings new timer functionality

If you have the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 at this time, you can see that you can update your smart bracelet. The update arrives by the application of the smartband that is in your smartphone and it does not take more than 5 minutes to install.

This new update brings to all users a new feature called “timer”. As the name implies, this is a small time timer that serves to never lose track of what you are doing.

How to access the timer

Soon after updating your Xiaomi Mi Band 3 you access the menu by clicking on the “button” of the smartband. Then you swipe upwards until you reach the stopwatch. Then swipe to the side until you find the timer.

Xiaomi My band 3

Is it still worth buying the Xiaomi Mi Band 3?

With the Mi Band 4 here on the doorstep, many are wondering if it’s still worth buying this bracelet. My answer is an obvious yes.

Although the Mi Band 4 is coming out to the market, Mi Band 3 already has everything you need to work perfectly. When Mi Band 4 arrives it will have the Chinese version first, then the software in English and only later in Portuguese.

Not to mention that the Mi Band 3 is at a fantastic price. Both in physical store and online stores. If you are thinking about buying this small gadget in online stores, consider the following options:

A quality gadget without compromising the wallet

This is a quality gadget that you are guaranteed to enjoy. In addition to having the notifications on the wrist, you know how many colors you lose, how many kilometers you walk, how many steps you take and you can still see your heart rate. All for less than € 30. Impossible to ask for more.


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