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Technology companies successively out of the package, Facebook suffered the biggest crash in history

Facebook suffered a major global crash in the early hours of the 14th, and is currently undergoing emergency repairs.

Although the user can now log in to Facebook and Instagram, the platform seems to have recovered, but some features are not working properly, and Messenger is still unable to send messages. The biggest problem is that if other applications are logged in with Facebook, they may not be available. If the old login information is still available or can be used normally, you will not be able to log in again after logging out.

According to tests, the current mobile version of the Facebook app seems to be available, but the desktop version of Messenger is still not loaded, and the messaging system including WhatsApp still has problems. Not only that, but also user returns, even the VR system Oculus can not access its home page, of course, can not buy games online, and this line of disconnection covers almost the world.

The reason is still unknown

Some netizens have speculated that Facebook is being attacked by a large-scale DDoS. However, Facebook has clarified that this issue is not on Twitter, but it has not yet explained the technical details, only that it is trying to repair it. The worst thing at the moment is that, in addition to personal services, corporate services are completely interrupted, which will cause dissatisfaction among corporate users. Even the opposition to the technology monopoly came out and said that this is the trouble that a company has all the problems.

Recently, technology giants have out of the package, and Gmail and Google Cloud Service have just had problems. As a result, Facebook immediately followed the accident and set a new record of downtime, which caused considerable market attention. However, at present, Facebook is still tight-lipped about the matter, and the actual situation is still unknown.


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