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PUBG developer Brendan Greene: E-sports is the future direction of the Game
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PUBG developer Brendan Greene: E-sports is the future direction of the Game

Although there are many similar works at present, it is undeniable that PUBG is the trend to promote this “big escape” shooting game. Recently, PUBG developer Brendan Greene said that e-sports in the future will be the future development focus of PUBG.

Brendan Greene has left the development team of PUBG and started a new game studio on his own, but he is still a consultant team of PUBG. He believes that this game will be developed in e-sports in the long run, probably in the 5-10 years. He believes that e-sports will take many years to develop, allowing different operations and systems within the game to mature and support game development.

For developers of other similar games to spend money to develop e-sports, he feels useless, because to allow the game to be accepted by the e-sports community, the needs of the relevant community needs support, can not directly turn the game into an e-sports game, you need to make A good competitive game, and then if the public likes it, you can develop e-sports on this game. And he thinks that PUBG and “Big Run” games already have such conditions. However, due to the large scale of the game, it is more difficult to prepare related competitions. It is necessary to develop a more detailed system and a display mode to match the e-sports live broadcast, so that both players and viewers can enjoy the game.


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