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Shivam Singh

Family and life are preferred, Bill Gates says 63-year-old is happier than 25 years old

In the era of mediocrity and success, what is happiness is a big question for a millennial generation. Bill Gates was recently asked two compelling questions on Reddit, one of which is whether he is happy and why he is happy. Bill…

Huawei: The US government overestimates its influence; has invited US media to visit the company.

Sina Finance reported that China’s Huawei director and senior vice president Chen Lifang recently accepted an exclusive interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). For some countries facing pressure to be forced to use Huawei devices, she said that the series…

Nine Questions to Marc-Oliver Eckart, Accident Hero

If the prospect of one’s own company is more exciting than a career in science or corporation, entrepreneurial spirit breaks through. What idea they pursue, whether there are role models and from which experience they have learned a lot, tell entrepreneurs in the founders interview – this time Marc-Oliver Eckart of accident heroes.

Interview with Osman Sacarcelik, startup Grind Frankfurt

As a banking center, Frankfurt is a European heavyweight. As a result, it is obvious that the city also wants to play a leading role in the field of fintech – the currently celebrated potential bankruptcy killer. But Berlin and especially London are currently in the lead here. To change that, the Hessian state government called on different actors to submit ideas for their own center for fintech start-ups.

Interview with Natascha Grosser, SKW Schwarz

Women in the German start-up landscape are still more the exception than the rule. However, success stories such as Amorelie founder Lea-Sophie Cramer or Anna Alex and Julia Bösch, who together founded Outfittery, are evidence that change is taking place. For example, at the next Investors’ Circle on June 20, 2016, the Private Equity Forum NRW will be addressing the question “Do women have different reasons?”.

Interview with Markus Schweizer, EY, and Prof. Dr. med. Timo Meynhardt, HHL

The organizers – EY (Ernst & Young) and HHL – want to put more emphasis on the so far neglected contribution of start-ups to the common good with the EY Public Value Award (EYPVA), which has been awarded for the first time. Because often the social added value of a business idea of ​​a start-up is not visible at first glance. The award is intended to serve as a seal of quality, USP and a positive signal for investors and other stakeholders.

Interview With Dr. Michael Brandkamp, ​​High-Tech Gründerfonds

The German venture capital industry has already made worse pictures than it currently does. In addition to success stories such as successful exits and the conclusion of rounds of financing in the double-digit millions, the industry is also growing in terms of the number of active investment companies. At the same time, wealthy individuals – probably also under the influence of the persistently low-interest environment – are discovering investments in innovative start-up companies.

Chemical Start-Ups As A Guarantee For Innovation

Time of change: The climate is changing, and the earth’s population is growing rapidly. Urbanization and mobility demand housing and lightweight construction, just as the energy transition demands new materials and storage media, not to mention digitization. Finite resources, geopolitical constraints and sustainable circular economy need creative solutions. Innovations in chemistry are more in demand than ever before.

What Startups Need to Know About Exit Strategies

The start-up scene is currently in a state of excitement. Headlines such as “Anti-Exit Law” and the like are making the rounds. The background to this is the Federal Government’s plans to extend antitrust merger control regulations to trade sales of start-ups with low turnover but high valuations. What is it and is it really such a dramatic topic?

Start-Ups Are Opening Up The Logistics Industry

The logistics industry is facing far-reaching changes due to the digitization of the freight forwarding business.