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Shivam Singh

Chemical Start-Ups As A Guarantee For Innovation

Time of change: The climate is changing, and the earth’s population is growing rapidly. Urbanization and mobility demand housing and lightweight construction, just as the energy transition demands new materials and storage media, not to mention digitization. Finite resources, geopolitical constraints and sustainable circular economy need creative solutions. Innovations in chemistry are more in demand than ever before.

What Startups Need to Know About Exit Strategies

The start-up scene is currently in a state of excitement. Headlines such as “Anti-Exit Law” and the like are making the rounds. The background to this is the Federal Government’s plans to extend antitrust merger control regulations to trade sales of start-ups with low turnover but high valuations. What is it and is it really such a dramatic topic?

Start-Ups Are Opening Up The Logistics Industry

The logistics industry is facing far-reaching changes due to the digitization of the freight forwarding business.

Medifundo Launches First Crowdfunding Campaign

medifundo has a very specific approach: the platform focuses exclusively on life sciences companies.

3 Most Annoying Things About Technology

These things might seem small and unimportant, and maybe they are! But with every fantastic development in the wonderful world of technology.

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How Technology Boosts Your Brand

Technology can boost your brand really effectively these days. You have to understand the importance of implementing tech as a brand.

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Great Hobbies For Tech Enthusiasts

If you’re a tech enthusiast looking for a new hobby, there are so many different things out there you could try. Here are some great hobbies for tech enthusiasts that you might enjoy:

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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Save Money

Keeping any business afloat these days is no easy task. If you’re running a small business that’s just getting off the ground, you’ll need to keep your costs low. That’s because the money that you earn will be divided between your income and investment in the business.

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Tech Challenges In 2019

Falling behind with the latest trends in the business world is a death sentence for any company. Customers will start to look at your business and realize that it’s not the latest brand.

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Use Technology For Business Security

Smart businesses know that technology is important. The business world is surrounded by various tech tools and software. Some businesses operate entirely online nowadays, needing nothing but technology.