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Android Auto gets new look and gets much more practical!

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After some time in ‘standby’, Google has finally released a major update to the look and interface of Android Auto, making the system much more practical, productive and simple.

Android Auto is the operating system developed by Google to think exclusively about the driving experience of users. Being present in more than 500 models of several brands, it is becoming more and more one of the main operating systems for automobiles.

The upgrade began today for all cars that have integrated Android Auto, thus anticipating the start of Google I / O. That will start today, and will have a session dedicated to the operating system for cars – ” What’s New with Android for Cars .”

New look offers a less distracting driving experience

The changes implemented in Android Auto have as main objective to reduce to the maximum the number of distractions while the users are driving. As well as improving the reading of information presented on the screen, it was achieved through the implementation of Dark Mode.

With the new update, users will have more information available on one screen to avoid unnecessary interactions with the screen. In addition, they can finally turn ‘ turn-by-turn’ directions while using other applications. For example, in the case of Spotify while navigating using Google Maps, they will have access to a music service control bar in the lower part of the screen.

Android Auto new look

In addition, all interaction with Google Assistant has also been improved, which is still accessible through the “Ok, Google” voice command. Users can perform a large number of actions without ever needing to interact with the screen, this being the most effective method to avoid distractions.

Recalling that a session dedicated to Android Auto during Google I / O, we will be sure to receive news about the future of this operating system. So stay tuned!

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